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8 Benefits of Drinking Water

1// Flushes out toxins

2// Helps get rid of head aches

3// Promotes weight loss

4// Increases focuse and energy

5// Helps clear skin

6// Helps with digestion… 12 more words


Motivation Monday

I think that this is such a great quote to incorporate into our lives. The world is not perfect and judging someone by the rough time in their life is not a habit we should develop. 

Xx- Jaiden Kai

First Glimpses

Claire is an articulate, loving, and caring soul.  she sought the best for her loved ones, especially her children and now her grandson.  I found an entry that allowed me a greater understanding of her depth of love in poetry.  142 more words


Back to basics

Recently I asked a private group about what they would like to see. Basics ended up being the most wanted item. I happen to have a good stash of basics on the website so I thought why not make a blog about styling your basics? 228 more words


What You Sow Is What You Will Reap.

Well today was a day of Harvest for Andrew Newell Wyeth.
A man who dared to make a living as a fine artist.
Now I make this statement as if it were out of the ordinary, because as I was young adult i was told artist starve to death and only become famous when they are dead. 533 more words

Writings By Surealworld

Quotes help us with inspiration

Sometimes you go around with a feeling, that you can’t express because you might never understood it, or have no idea how to tell it. And that’s where quotes saves us. 434 more words


5 Tips to Stay Happy

1// Have a purpose for each day. I don’t mean travel the world, or go sky diving. I mean having an any size purpose. Maybe its to make 3 people smile everyday, or to spend quality time with your family each day. 187 more words