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Understanding... Of Me.

This is a Blog I don’t know of what but its a blog. I figured if i have so much to say but most of it,  its just going to hit the air and hit the fan or ceiling. 408 more words


String gauge and bending

When it comes to finding the correct string gauge the best bet is to start out light,            say 10 gauge on acoustic, that is very light but it’s a bit easier on your fingers and 9 gauge on electric again very light and prone to snapping on the 2 high strings but when you practice bending techniques it is easier on your fingers, try not to bend to far as it will be out of tune and snap much easier, a full tone bend is the same note as 2 frets higher than your starting fret so a full bend starting at fret 10 would have the resulting sound as simply freting fret 12 but sounds way cooler, a good way to check your bend is in tune is firstly make sure your guitar is in tune then keep playing the higher fret and the bend untill you hear the same note, same goes for a half bend so fret 10 would be the same as fretting fret 11, the idea of a bend is in the way you play it have a toy around bending slowly, fast , from half to full. 82 more words


#WeeklySmile, Little Seedlings and a bucket of #inspiration

What made you smile this week? What made you happy? Perhaps you dragged along the week like any other, half on auto-pilot while life flashed in front of your eyes. 280 more words


Playing guitar

They say you should hold a Guitar in a certain way especially when sitting down, truth be told hold it however you are comfortable with, dont try and copy a famous players position unless you find it suits you, you will only make things harder as if it is’nt hard enough, also try to practice standing up as well as sitting down you will need a strap for support, you will probably find this hard work at first as you will have to adjust your entire positioning but if one day you find  there’s no chairs at the gig at least it won’t be a problem not to mention you can then play mobile even if its just in your house. 75 more words


Alternate picking, guitar

When you play guitar with a pick try to hold the pick as close to its edge as you can and have it resting between your thumb and first finger… 129 more words


Easy guitar work out

Ok a very easy but effective way of getting your fingers to strech across those frets is simply starting with your first finger otherwise known as the index finger, on the top thickest string (low E) work across the frets 1, 2, 3, 4 with each individual finger on each fret, keeping your previous fingers pressed down on the frets (frets being the space between the small metal wires running vertical on the finger board known as the neck or the fret board) 226 more words