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Rescue the Captors

The book, Rescue the Captors, is an amazing autobiography by a 28 year old bush pilot who flies dangerous mission flights in Columbia.  It is a true story, written from within a Marxist guerrilla camp, of how a young pilot named Russell is captured by soldiers who mistake him for the son of a wealthy American, but he is actually just from a small missionary family. 447 more words


Law #2 A Scout Is Loyal: As Demonstrated By The Canada Goose

Canada Geese demonstrate loyalty in many ways.  For example, Canada Geese mate for life, meaning that rather than finding a new partner each year, they stay with their first mate.  294 more words



Today I’m gonna shop! I looked on some webshops what I wanted. And I tought why not share it with you. So all the items are from H&M. 12 more words


10 Photos to inspire you to visit New York City

Since its foundations were laid in 1624, New York City has been a symbol of one thing: opportunity. For many years, New York was America’s processing port for millions of immigrants, each in search of a brand new life and the pursuit of the great American dollar. 100 more words



Do you ever go to a party but have no idea what to wear? Well, I’m going to help you. I have this litterly all the time. 105 more words


Finally found a hobby i love!

PAINTING PAINTING PAINTING!! Its all I ever want to do. I am forever thinking about the current painting im doing, how I can make it better, where things should be and finding half an hour here and there to be able to Finnish it. 86 more words

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