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Motivational Monday's: No Shame, No Blame


If it is our feelings about things that torment us rather than the things themselves, it follows that blaming others is silly. 148 more words


The Sun and the Moon

Bright eyes alight with sunshine, what a beautiful sight this burning ball of fire, soon to be the demise of all mankind, but you entrapped us as you burn out, We can smile because of you even though you’ll kill us, we love you.  85 more words


Hello Again!

Hello everyone! At long last, I am back! With a computer that has not been working so well, my job, and 15 credit hours this blog has sadly been put on the back burner. 139 more words


setting the scene 2 #improv

Suddenly you awaken to be staring at the sky, dull and miserable are the clouds cold is the air and the ambient is the sound of the ocean, shit! 96 more words


Up Cyclying Your Clothes

Well if you don’t know what up cyclying is, it’s baiscally taking your old clothes that you don’t wear and transforming them into some thing you like. 132 more words


Fashion Week

This event is the biggest event for fashion junkies and huge designers to come and show off their styles and new designs to people and bloggers. 164 more words