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There Is No Such Thing As Eternity

She’s started her chemotherapy yesterday and I wanted to share that with you.

Whoever you are, let’s stop for a second and think about the meaning of life. 468 more words


A Million Blessings Between the Earth and the Sky...

Yesterday I wrote a small blog about how changing perspectives can change your results. While I was lying on the ground getting the photos of the sunflowers, I had an awakening moment of the limitless space and blessings between the earth and the sky. 357 more words


Dreamhouse Project: The Beginning

Id like to document building my dream house like everything else 😅 so yea. Land has been paid up a few years ago and now that the youngest in the brood has finished college, I can somehow commit to building my dream house. 117 more words


Need to change perspective to get a different result?

I had a little burst of inspiration to get photos of my sunflowers this morning from an unusual perspective. I found myself lying flat on my back even crushing some of my other plants so that I could capture those gorgeous blooms against the brightness of the blue skies. 143 more words


International Day of Peace

weathergrams in the garden from Fiona Dempster and Barry Smith for the International Day of Peace 2017-2019
Barry’s Peace Bowl
Fiona and Barry give so much love and hope for our beautiful broken world… 38 more words

It's Crow Time

Catching Up...As Summer Ends!

As Summer comes to an end…Students and teachers are returning to school, and our days in the Southwestern mountains of Virginia are growing cooler!

It’s hard for me to believe that September is just around the corner!  155 more words



Violence not only involves shooting bullets, war, causing bloodshed, and physically abusing people.  It often occurs in (and “as”) more subtle or less obvious forms that people do not perceive as what is involving violence.    370 more words