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The bar that sold bananas

Wise words I once heard while buying bananas in a bar in Kigali, Rwanda in 2008:

‘Nothing can heal without truth; education seek truths; so: nothing can heal without education.’ 1,572 more words


Dorothy Filshie "Fish Out of Water"

“Fish Out of Water” by Dorothy Filshie
“Dorothy uses hessian, calico, duck and artists’ canvas plastered with old-fashioned gesso made from rabbit skin glue and whiting powder to create her sculptural fish. 129 more words

It's Crow Time

Thinking of the Holiday table

Here is an idea for a modestly sized hooked project that could be ready for your holiday table. 322 more words

Rug Hooking

I'm Going In

I’ve been receiving the clear message
from Spirit,
from my intuition,
or maybe from just good common sense
that I need to let go of my old stuff… 184 more words


Communication - WTH, TBH, IMHO

The classes I loved in college were communication focused. I loved learning about verbal and nonverbal communication. Encoding and decoding. Body language. I was super jazzed to give my demonstration speech in front of my classmates. 531 more words


Fungal Egg Nests

fungal eggs aplenty 
ready to bounce into sweet life
far from all of the utter madness


Per Michael Kuo (0nline):

These odd and fascinating little fungi look for all the world like tiny birds’ nests. 106 more words