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The Dream review by Oz Arts Magazine!

Carolynne Skinner of Oz Arts Magazine has written a fabulous review for I dream of a world where love is the answer!
Closing ceremony is happening tomorrow afternoon at Artsite Galleries 3-5pm

It's Crow Time

Know your self worth

The glow up is real! When you know your self worth no one can take your shine away from you!

It is not about how others see you, it is all about how you see yourself! 64 more words

Poem: Fragmented Souls

O, what life I see

What pity I give

For folly souls

Walking about the earth

In countries, in states, in cities, in houses

Walking as one, 91 more words


War and Barbaric Friction

Wars, for humankind, have been going on for eons.  War is where and when we often spill each other’s blood over systems and ideas.  Apparently, in war, systems, ideas, (and control) often become much more important than any universal brotherhood, any universal oneness.    181 more words


From idea to fruition

I’ve always loved flowers. They’re one of my favorite things to both look at, and depict in paintings and drawings. Although my work is intuitive and abstract-based, I do often like adding some symbols, stylized objects or figures into my pieces. 237 more words