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A Sufi holy man was asked, “What is forgiveness?” He said, “It is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed.”


What if... it works out?

It looks like this post turned out as another sequel to my posts Back and Forth and The Necessary Eye Of The Storm. It seems to be an important subject right now. 666 more words


Thought of the Day!

Here is my thought of the day (something I’ve been reminded of lately): 12 more words


Simply danLrene's Opinion

This is a topic that lies dear to my heart because it involves children. There are a lot of vloggers on You-tube and I enjoy watching some of them but what bothers me is that You-tube has an age limit of 13 to be able to be on You-tube and yet you will find kids as young as 7 years old commenting on these vlogs. 334 more words


The Power Of A Generous & Praying Boyfriend

So last Saturday, my boyfriend had a company outing & I am glad that he has the time of his life just for himself regardless if he is with the same people. 280 more words


Eddie Green and Baltimore, 2 Greats


The two pictures posted here today have brought me much joy recently. The head and shoulders shot is my father Eddie Green with his Amateur Short-wave Radio Operator pin on his lapel, circa 1940, and the other is a still from a Warner Bros. 467 more words

Am I Listening?

I cannot explain
This emptiness, this pain
I long for Your presence
But feel it has left me

I feel so hollow
So alone, by myself… 179 more words