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The Good Ole Days

Remember the days when we didn’t carry around a tracking device with us at all times?

The time before the instant gratification of text messages and google searches. 941 more words


What goes into the do-it-yourself retreat

Getaways are great, right?

I love hopping on a plane to go to a writing conference or yoga workshop. There’s something about drawing a community together from places near and far. 854 more words


Sleeping White Tail Dragonfly

What prey are you dreaming about
tonight, my adroit, winged friend?
What shifting air currents
are floating through your
fulfilled, slumbering mind?

123 more words


Update on My Novel

To my dear readers who have followed my story…thank you for your incredible patience.

It would almost make a story of its own for me to document my writing journey these past months. 945 more words


200 hours ...

Today for most was just another day.

Today for me was a milestone.

Today I hit 200 check-ins at camp, for most that means nothing… but for me that was a big mountain to climb starting at a bottomless pit of zero. 319 more words


Motivational Monday

And if your only motivation is the thought of a nice  warm  bubble bath at the end of a hard day, that it okay too.  Motivation doesn’t always have to be grand, sometimes we just need enough to get through. 41 more words