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Watch: 30 Beached Dolphins Rescued by Brazilian Beachgoers

What do you do when 30 dolphins beach themselves in front of you? Pull them back into the water, of course.

Beachgoers in Rio de Janeiro took matters into their own hands to save dozens of dolphins who were suddenly stranded on the sand this week. 93 more words


Alaskan Survives on Frozen Beer for Three Days While Stuck in Snowdrift

Clifton Vial wound up stuck in a snowdrift off a rural highway in eastern Alaska, his truck lacking the usual survival necessities. All that lay in the back was a few cans of Coors Light, frozen solid. 290 more words


Stunning Survival: Reporters Find Man Stranded Alone Since Tsunami

Frail and unable to walk very far, Kunio Shiga survived off what he had in his home for nearly a month. 320 more words