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Reading Reboot Part 2: The ‘How To’ Bit

In my last post about reading, I left you at the point of the story where I had resolved to start reading fiction again, but was at something of a loss as to how to re-establish the habit. 1,624 more words


Inspiration Monday – 3/14

Happy March! Spring is right around the corner. In the meantime, check out these fun things… 170 more words


The Dark Day

The whole village gathered at the shore. Even the Old came, some walked on their own while others were carried to the seaside in palanquins. Whispers seeped through the village that a few of the Old were alive when The Dark Day ended more than 100 years ago. 530 more words

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Let us dance

A troupe of small, vintage, artist models, manipulated into a macabre ballet, meticulous in detail, danced across a makeshift stage on top of a yard sale occasional table. 168 more words

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A prompt response for Inspiration Monday ~ THE CITY THAT ALWAYS SLEEPS



by John Yeo

The airship landed with a series of bumps that shook the passengers as they were drifting in and out of a querulous doze. 333 more words

Flash Fiction

Inspiration Monday – 2/27

In Today’s Inspiration Monday we cover a movie trailer (of course!), glow in the dark jewelry, and learn if you can get high on music? Check out this week’s collection of cool things we found while browsing the web. 234 more words


Career planning

Jack played an endless game of musical chairs with his career choices. One day he wanted to be a charter boat captain, the next a clown. 78 more words

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