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The Ghoul Next Door | Weekly Flash Fiction

I got the inspiration for this week’s dark comedy story from Inspiration Monday, and I think that any introduction would just spoil the surprise. 613 more words


A square inside a circle

Norma Feherty didn’t believe that anyone was truly clairvoyant. People could be extremely intuitive, or observant. They could be experts at misdirection or mental sleight of hand, but no one had… 484 more words

Writing Prompt

Inspiration Monday: Sparkling Coyote

The prompt phrases for this week are:

Sparkling Coyote

Nightmare in Blue

Necromance Comedy

Cold Fingers

Unanswered Knock

Sparkling Coyote
Written by Teresa Dean Smeigh… 233 more words

Writing Prompts

The Last Pick | Weekly Flash Fiction

This week’s prompts, Wendy Strain’s WOW555 and Inspiration Monday by Stephanie Orges, led to an amusing little tale about a group of… well, I’m not really even sure. 510 more words


Saturday In the Park

“AHHH-eeeee!” Ethan yelled, plopping down into the small pile of leaves that littered the park.  The little blonde haired boy that he had been playing with the past hour laughed happily and threw leaves at Ethan.  828 more words


The Pickpocket - Inspiration Monday 5 prompt entry

Inspiration Monday A 238 word series of Haikus that tell a story using all the prompts allowed. The prompts are:

Pickpocket Change

Treasured Derelict

Thin Can… 254 more words

Writing Prompts

Inspiration Monday

Because it’s the day of the week we need it most….

“I’m not telling you to make the world better, because I don’t think that progress is necessarily part of the package. 71 more words

New Orleans