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Sirens blared, sending reverberations down every tunnel, rattling doors, and threatening to shatter windows. Two shorts blasts and a single sustained squeal meant someone had gone Topside. 530 more words

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Inspiration Monday 

Outfit Details

Dress: Target

Necklace: N/A

 Sandals: Target

  • For Courtney Kerr’s outfit details Click here

My inspiration today is Courtney Kerr, the first time I heard of her was from Bravo she was going to star in her show Courtney loves Dallas. 82 more words


Personal Monsters | Weekly Flash Fiction

Ah, Friday. Since summer began, my Fridays have turned from Weekend Celebration Time into the beginning of what feels like another week in miniature. Kids will do that to you. 578 more words



Mac placed her palm flat against the tree trunk. “This one has had a million birthdays,” she said seriously.

I scoffed. “You actually think that tree has been there a million years?” 537 more words


Sibling harmony

“You’re just an attention whore!” He said, sputtering with self-righteous rage. “Always on that Instabook or Facegram, tweaking.”

An almost indiscernible shake of her head was underlined with an audible eye-roll and exasperated huff. 525 more words

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Elevator Club | Weekly Flash Fiction

It’s that time again. I finally snagged enough time to sit down, collect some weekly prompts, and put my fingers to the keys. This story comes from several prompts: … 308 more words


Press any key to escape


She stayed in the shadows, avoiding the pools of ghostly light cast on the sidewalk by the street lamps. She sent out a silent prayer of thanks, grateful that there was no traffic on the normally busy avenue. 621 more words

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