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Shrinking Sky

An extension to Birds in the Attic.

There’s nothing quite like your father’s corpse slowly thawing in the kitchen. For instance, did you know dead people bleed the colors out of their eyes? 295 more words

Scribbles And Shorts

Sweet cherry pie

I still can’t wrap my brain around it. Sitting alone on the desolate beach, I squint out at the horizon. The once vast, cerulean expanse is now a murky grey, its edges indistinct. 327 more words



Gordon Smythe of 201 Robotics (originally CyberCorp International, but with the initials “CCI” it didn’t take too long before everyone called them “201”) loved the circus more than almost anything, except perhaps his job as a robotics designer, and so it came as no surprise to anyone at 201 when Gordon announced that he was going to make a robotic clown that would be better than any human could possibly be.   238 more words


Another missing dame: an Ellery Ash Mystery

My name is Ellery Ash. I’m a private eye, gumshoe, dick, P.I., shamus, sleuth, peeper, detective, snoop…a freelance private investigator. Don’t have an office, just a phone number, website and my girl Friday, “Trash”, short for Trashondra, who works out of her home. 854 more words


Up on the roof

The voices in my head are like little birds perched on the roof eaves, warbling discordant melodies. The chittering in my brain is incessant

The nonsense pouring out ricochets around the attic rafters, rolling off the shingles through the gaping mouths of gargoyles as so much gurgling noise. 60 more words


Stone Rain

Another installment of the YA project. I worked in prompts from Inspiration Monday, Word-A-Week, and #3WW. I’m breaking from writing this project. I’ve got the first 8k and the last 8k done, and I’ve passes the MS on to a trusted friend to see if she can direct me on the middle. 1,060 more words

Flash Fiction

Inspiration Monday - Paper Police

Ok, I’m inspired! Here is a re-hashed flash to fit Steph’s InMon challenge for 23 June 2015. It gives my intrepid heroes an airing, although not fresh air … 335 more words

K Patrick Moody