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A mother's sorrow

The story so far… Old Wives’ Tale

She sat by the coal stove, trying to warm her hands. In her lap was a skein of wool yarn, worked from sheep her Mister sheared while they were moving through Tejano, Texas. 345 more words

Writing Prompt

Asteroid Rake - Chapter 12

Even as I wonder silently where I should be going, the Exos give me impressions that instruct me the direction to fly and the duration of the flight. 289 more words


High School English Class, Circa 1994 (Part 2)

The library was a short walk from our English classroom and I walked it alone, behind the bulk of my classmates, most of whom walked in small groups or pairs.  1,195 more words


Spring breeze

Spring was in the air. A gentle breeze had set the tender green buds to trembling. A shudder of delight rippled across my skin and ruffled my hair. 198 more words

Writing Prompt


“He’s a dreamer,” teachers told Lester’s parents.  “All he does is stare out the window or write in that notebook he carries.  He won’t amount to much.” 916 more words



“Welcome to the Ivory Quill, let me know if there is anything I can help you find.”

With that greeting, Seshat, the store owner, left me to browse her antique letter shop. 90 more words

Writing Prompt

Asteroid Rake - Chapter 10

The Exos (as they have consented to let me call them, as exo-0001 was a bit tedious of a name, and they apparently have no name for themselves) have helped me to figure out a way off of The Asclepius.   383 more words