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I am

I am. I am the smartest on this planet. Yes, there are geniuses but they are not as smart as I am. Einstein was a hack compared to my superior intellect and I have proven his eulogized hypotheses droll and lacking creativity. 573 more words

Inspiration Monday

Into the Light

Kenny’s thirst was overwhelming.

And it wasn’t helping that the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken hung thick in the air, salty, crispy, dripping of grease.  Who had the bright idea of building two KFC’s within blocks of one another?  491 more words


Hungry | Cannibal Flash Fiction for Three Prompts

Given three perfectly ordinary prompts, I’m not sure how I came up with the story of a young cannibal. WOW555 asked for “rage” or “passion.” … 424 more words


Goldfish Hearts

“Do you think goldfish have hearts?”

I snorted at her question. “Of course they do, Dree. How else would they have blood and stuff?”

Audrey wrinkled her nose. 316 more words

Inspiration Monday

Heart of gold

“He’s got the heart of a lion.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You know, that he’s über brave.”

“Sure he’d be brave it he was a lion. 168 more words

Writing Prompt

Web of Intrigue

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“Well what?

“Did you get it?”

“Get what?”

“The information from the Arachnids you bloody twit!”

“Oh yeah.”

“So did you get it?” 266 more words



The farther into this life that I journey, the less in focus my past becomes. I forget the hard edges and garish moments. They fade into a subtle mosaic, a muted backdrop for the splendor of my present, with the hope of my future lighting my way ahead. 6 more words

Writing Prompt