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Inspiration Monday

Happy Monday! It looks like the worst of the precipitation and cold of the last few weeks has passed for now. It’s so nice to see some sun peeking through, and it shows how desperate we are for warmer weather when just the peek of sun and temperatures above 20 degrees gets me thinking about spring activities! 202 more words


High School Lunch, Circa 1994

“Miss Strayer hates me,” I claimed, grabbing a tray from the beginning of the cafeteria lunch line.  The tray, puke-green in color, was hot and damp from its recent trip through the dishwasher.  1,635 more words


A job well-done

“A very dramatic rescue this morning, Bercu.”

Minkin Bercu, a Level 5 Guardian Angel, licked creamy icing off his fingers as he popped the final bite of a grande Cinnabon roll into his mouth. 491 more words

Writing Prompt

Inspiration Monday - Stolen sleep

It’s Monday, I’m inspired, so here is a short submission to Bekindrewrite’s Inmon, in answer to the prompt – Stolen sleep.

* * * 509 more words

K Patrick Moody

Room and Board

A loud banging shook him out of a sound sleep.  Without opening his eyes, he rolled over and groped for the remote.  Part of his mind was yelling at him that he must have fallen asleep with the TV on yet… 632 more words


Uppity women

A possible sequel to this story

“Ooo… you’re the beneficiary of a vast fortune.” Colin held up a letter, waving it with a grand flourish. 531 more words

Writing Prompt