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Quiet light

Goodwood Duxford tales

The boy sat in a pool of quiet light, high on a hill surrounded by small, white granite headstones. His back against the rough bark of an old-growth pine, he closed his eyes and listened to the wind rustling through the trees. 497 more words

Writing Prompt

Inspiration Monday: Laura Benanti

You know Oprah’s motto, “Live Your Best Life Now”? I have a feeling this lady is doing just that.

Laura Benanti is a Tony award winning Broadway star also seen on TV shows that I  190 more words


Inspiration Monday: Andrei Codrescu

“This is the time when the part of you that is music overcomes the part of you that is silence. This is when music rules the fools. 45 more words

New Orleans


A prompt response for Inspiration Monday


A prompt response for Inspiration Monday: “The Snark Ages”


by John Yeo

   Today I am going to steal something from you my patient readers on a timescale of microseconds this will feel painful. 537 more words

Inspiration Monday

The green door

Empty pizza boxes and beer bottles littered the room. Couch cushions were in a jumble where they were moved to open the sleeper closed inside. Sheets, stained and threadbare, the corner-hugging elastic stretched beyond its means, were wadded into a rancid pile on the floor. 512 more words

Writing Prompt

Inspiration Monday: Jeanette Winterson

“Truth for anyone is a very complex thing. For a writer, what you leave out says as much as those things you include. What lies beyond the margin of the text? 44 more words

New Orleans