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Monday Motivation: Live an honest life

Be kind, be considerate, be helpful, be nice.¬† It’s easy to do.

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The Silent World of Colours

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How does it feel to be different?

Our post is about someone who found it hard to fit in.¬†Everyone who struggles to fit in will tell you that they want people to notice what’s good, to acknowledge what one can do, and to try and understand the beauty of uniqueness. 394 more words



Is sunglasses just worn to prevent the heat of the sun rays from penetrating our eyes? Well, I would like to think that it is also to improve our look especially when we appear on a smashing sporting outfit, or beach outfit, or burial ceremonial outfit, we just top up our fashion glam with the classy look of our sunglasses. 28 more words


A man is as old as he’s feeling, a woman is as old as she looks.
– Mortimer Collins

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Thought For Tuesday...

Never let others project their sense of limited ability on you. The greater part of society and school rob us big time. We are made to feel that our abilities are limited and the continued reinforcement of these limitations erodes our creative confidence. 131 more words

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