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Andres Serrano

Also known for his work Piss Christ, Serrano captures a fine line between beauty and melancholy. Each image titled with their story of how the corpse arrived at the morgue; each participant kept anonymous with delicately placed veils and tightly cropped images. 17 more words


Jeffrey Silverthorne

Silverthorne’s photographing was made from his book Morgue made in 1972-73, he captured 22 corpses in a Rhode island morgue he captured many varieties of how people died. 89 more words


GRAPHIC CONTENT -Educating Instagram

WARNING-Graphic Image, Mrs Angemi’s Instagram

Motherboard interview with Angemi

Mrs Angemi is a pathologists assistant based in LA that uses her work and the social media platform of Instagram to teach the internet the gory details of disease and death. 104 more words


The catalyst

 Ask A Mortician- Youtube

I have always been aware of my own mortality that I worried about and pushed into the back of my mind to avoid an existential crisis..However, it was this Mortician, writer and death positivity activist turned Youtuber, Caitlin Doughty that opened my eyes to stop running from my fears. 87 more words