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Worth It

My fiancé asked me a thoughtful question this morning, something I’ve often asked in the past: Since God knew how everything would turn out with Lucifer and the rest of His creation, why did He still go through with all of it? 197 more words


The Apotheosis of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is 100! I can still see him, larger than life, when I close my eyes – he has never died.

He existed on the planet of his birth for over ninety sweeping orbits of its sun. 1,910 more words


Winging it Until Then...

It’s interesting how we are creatures of habit and when we change one thing in our lives, it throws us for a spin. We set ourselves up with the things that we favour and that make our lives easier and less stressful or complicated. 445 more words

Working Out The Kinks

Our journey together itself is a party.

During this Covid-19 pandemic a good thing happened. One of my colleague got promoted and about to move to different city. However due lockdown situation his movement was postponed. 198 more words

How to Overcome Fake Productivity

Last month, I watch a series of online church retreat. The first night’s topic was about dealing with emptiness and helplessness, but what lingered on my mind was a segment about fake productivity. 849 more words