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The Importance of being flexible.... and not just being able to do a downward facing dog!

Stretch, stretch, stretch….that’s all most of us hear at them moment. You need to be more flexible, why can’t you touch your feet?! Well to me, this isn’t the most important term of ‘being flexible’. 326 more words


One for the day...

Don’t let tiredness send you back to sleep.


Inspiratsioon / Inspiration

Need väikesed villakerad on nii inspireerivat tooni. Kevad ise ka – sammaldunud kivid ja puhkevate metsõunapuuõite roosa. Lammaste puhastatud samblasokkides mets ja toomingaõied õhtupäikeses. Poisid oma kaunist karva kasukates kippusid ka sel korral kangesti pildile. 30 more words


If It Aint Broke

… don`t fix it.

Even if it is broken  –  it may not need any fixing either… ;-)

Can you guess what this is? (the answer below). 29 more words


Being Able To Breath Is Great !

Assalamualaikum , how are you, you marvelous people?
I do hope all of you are healthy and doing fine.

Look at my title, what do you think? 208 more words


The Writing Challenge Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you.

Hey you!!! :-)

I’m still rolling with this thing, and I think this challenge is starting to get harder… I have a lot of inspirations around me. 676 more words

Little Words Of Little Things..