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What I really want to be is the kind of man who at the end of the week looks back and thinks, “I did pretty good and can do even better this next week.” Let’s be our own competition this week. 47 more words




In my walk, in my every step, I’d like to embody the things I believe in, like chivalry. Let’s be the men we want to be. 49 more words


Add a line or more No 28

Of one thing I am sure;
Determination is the key
To success;
Of one thing I am sure,
Kindness brings rewards;
Of one thing I am sure; 19 more words


How To Take Advantage Of Your Depression (video version)

Hello everyone! New video today discussing how to overcome, and even take advantage of depression!

If you like the content do not forget to LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE. 103 more words

Love is everywhere to be found

“Curiosity (Killed The Cat)” – I believe written and performed by Little River Band around 1975

Sometimes I think I’m just a crazy cat,

Running around don’t know where it’s at… 236 more words


Random inspirations for better writing?

It seems everything I do, somehow turns into an exercise in writing, and I can’t seem to get away from it. We were at the lake the other day, and rather than share in the festivities or even join in the splashing or the mud fights, I was off by myself, observing, and thinking to myself the words I would use to describe this scene to anyone reading about it; how would I put into words the beauty of the lake, surrounded by the mountains, all a backdrop to a group of kids having fun, swimming and enjoying the summer? 908 more words

Another milestone! 

I’m so excited to see that another milestone has been passed!

I love all the support and encouragement everyone’s been sharing with me.

Here’s to constantly improving and continuously writing more and more!