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What happened to me

Even before, I have always been a short tempered person. But with the right environment and people around me, things were handled perfectly and it never went down on an ugly road. 499 more words


trust yourself

It’s Monday!

Hear that? the silence. the rhythm of your heartbeat, the ebb and flow of your breath…

No brain noise here, no mind gremlins, not an ounce of monkey chatter, mitotes, head static, or incessant inner-talk…we are focused on ONE thing. 63 more words


Psalm 146:4

When his breath departs, he returns to the earth; on that very day his plans perish.

Words Of Eternal Life

Obstacles and tests

Is everything a test?

And when do the tests end?

And what is it on the other side?

Do we have to die in order to live?



Thoughts on writers block

Winter blues and inspirational slumps

I think it’s fair to say Autumn came to say hello and then just ran away with us, a Halloween party and then it was gone and all of a sudden every where is star-studded with Christmas lights and festive markets. 307 more words



The world is becoming completely disconnected in what is supposedly the most technologically connected time for the human race. We have more digital connections than ever, yet we are total strangers even to our neighbours. 214 more words