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You're my heart

I would walk a thousand miles
to be with you
I would tell you that I loved you
if that’s what make you feel happy… 107 more words


How to Find a Passion for Your Blog (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Matthew Johnson

Founder & Owner of: Unmotivated Enthusiast

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

As someone rather new to blogging, this was my biggest struggle. 441 more words

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Give Yourself A Chance

Don’t ask why ? don’t ask how? because there are some things in life that defies logic, you can’t explain how the outcome is going to be, so listening to your heart and giving your instincts a chance is what’s needed sometimes. 213 more words

Motivation & Life Goals

4 Ways to Self-Motivate Yourself Every Day (1 min read)

1. Avoid making decisions that result in immediate rewards.

In order to make the right choices for your future self, you must place additional value on perceived rewards. 217 more words

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading 25th Sept, 2017!

This weeks card is the 9 of cups, water, feelings, emotions.
One of the sweet cards of the tarot <3
Make a wish or a dream is about to come true, getting what you want! 122 more words


ready to die

i stuffed my backpack with t-shirts, underwear, jeans and my school books. i decided leaving my parents home was better than staying. i was still in high school. 97 more words

Tip 48 - Roll Up Your Sleeves And Turn Dreams Into Reality

When life gets messy, roll up your sleeves.

Hard work turns dreams into reality.

Hard work, and

  • Determination
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Perseverance
  • Enthusiasm

Press on

And turn your dreams into reality. 30 more words