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Nature vs Man

Hope you enjoy the first exteriors blog post for 2017. Today’s group of pictures are a varied collection of serene outdoor spaces that make the most of the natural and man made elements. 35 more words
Inspirational Images

Happy New Year from the LuMu Interiors Blog!

Happy New Year and welcome back for 2017! We’ve had an incredible first year of blogging and are really enjoying curating these inspirational images for our followers. 49 more words
Inspirational Images

What's new Alleycat?

It was this close-cropped straw-white head munching a hamburger that stopped Paul Young, Mr Escalade, in his tracks. Within minutes, Suze was the first London fan of Betsey Johnson, young American designer for Alleycat & Co, and pretty hot news herself. 57 more words


The First Thing You See…

There has long been a standing joke in our house, that it is impossible for me to leave anything alone.

Never satisfied, that’s me.

They just don’t understand. 281 more words

Life As An Author

Twiggy's New Mood

Twiggy’s clothes change with her mood, something reflected noticeably in her Christmas wardrobe which includes beautiful ankle-length dresses in exotic prints and romantic styles in lovely colours. 639 more words

Inspirational Images

The Varnished and the Unvarnished

This picture isn’t a ludicrous flight of fancy. Those nails belong to Bonnie, a girl who really does scrabble about under the bonnet of her car checking oil, batteries and spark plug. 61 more words


The Most Wanted Woman on Earth

The search is on at all Chelsea Girl boutiques.

I wonder if anyone ever did win this and receive ‘nationwide publicity and become known as “The Most Wanted Woman on Earth”.’ Anyone remember? 30 more words