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Inspirational Images #12 "Colour Me This"

Isn’t this the most beautiful picture? So many colours. I love anything with silhouettes because it reminds me of those little souvenirs you buy at the beach. 108 more words


Inspirational Images #11 "Burnt Umber"

Today I’m feeling very autumnal. I don’t know why. But this picture is beautiful and it makes me want to write about witches and spells and autumn magic. 21 more words


Inspirational Images: Enter right dramatically...

The setting is one of undefined menace. The situation, traumatic. The girl, intrigued. But the message of the fashion is crystal clear. Dramatic, beautifully made clothes are rare. 74 more words

Inspirational Images

Inspirational Images #10 "Solar Eclipse"

Doing something a little bit different today. This morning England (and Europe and elsewhere) experienced a solar eclipse, the likes of which we haven’t really seen since 1999/2003. 164 more words


Inspirational Images: Kiss and Make-Up (Guy Bourdin)

I continue to be blown away by the magnificence of Guy Bourdin’s photographs. Every time I see a new one, I want to climb into it. 102 more words