Exam tips for 2018

If you want to improve exam and test results this year you need to understand and apply the 10:24:7 study tip to your study plan this year. 225 more words

Inspirational Leadership

Leadership In A Word: Vulnerable

I found that the more truthful and vulnerable I was, the more empowering it was for me. – Alanis Morissette

A word about being vulnerable… 656 more words


Leadership In a Word: Rest

Rest and be thankful. – William Wordsworth

A word about rest

Rest -it’s a  sometimes elusive concept for many leaders. Intuitively, we know it to be important, but making the time for it is not easy. 497 more words


#MicrobizUS Chat: Becoming An Inspirational Leader

Join us for the #MicrobizUS chat on Wednesday, May 16th at 2pm EST on our @microbizpodcast Twitter page with guest Brandon Schaefer of Companeur.

Brandon also did a podcast with us on  200 more words

Small Business

Leadership Advice-Follow your own path

Have you ever wondered why successful people are always successful and always have good luck? People describe these people as having the magic touch! Have you ever asked yourself why? 283 more words

Inspirational Leadership

Why should I be nominated for a 2018 Leading Wales Award? #embarrassing!

The 2018 Leading Wales Awards are live now for nominations. Nomination documents can be downloaded from https://leadingwalesawards.wales/nominate-2018/ and nominations close midnight on June 1st. We have 8 categories, seven of which are to identify, recognise and celebrate individuals whose leadership is inspirational and transforming ways of working and organisations. 710 more words


Leadership In a Word: Redemption

matter what a waste one has made of one’s life, it is ever possible to find some path to redemption, however partial. – Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain… 782 more words