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Mindset 8/4/16

By C.L. Harmon

Is it not reasonable to assume that each and every aspect of our lives is different and unique from another’s? Consider the incredible fact that each human being is created differently. 187 more words

Life Quote - John Lennon

“Viviamo in un mondo in cui ci nascondiamo per fare l’amore, mentre la violenza e l’odio si diffondono alla luce del Sole.” John Lennon

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The Remorse of a Black Man...The Contradiction

I was reading the news this morning and ran across the story of Tupac Shakur’s stepfather, Dr. Mutulu Shakur,  being released and even NOT being released from prison after serving half of a 60 year prison sentence. 659 more words

Learning To Appreciate (Amazing Story)

Once upon a time, there was a man who was very helpful, kindhearted, and generous. He was a man who will help someone without asking anything to pay him back. 392 more words

Better Life

One Letter is Changing my Life

When you start working inside-out, some really crazy shizz starts to surface. I’m talking: crazy.

That’s important because getting into the routine of checking into your desires and feelings and why-you-do-what-you-do is legit. 277 more words