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New Year's Resolution: No Dead Weight

I normally don’t make New Years resolutions, after all everyday is a new beginning, and an opportunity for a fresh start, right? Just like every Monday is a good day to start the diet I ruined the previous Wednesday😆. 1,019 more words


The Power of Positivity - #Inspirational #MeditativeThinking

“How it is that animals understand things I do not know,
but it is certain that they do understand.
Perhaps there is a language which is not made of words… 673 more words


It Is the Flesh That Makes Us Weak

It is the flesh that makes us weak. Let us consider the following: sickness and disease break the body down. Physical, intimate and emotional desires can cause us to act rashly, selfishly, immaturely or even ignorantly. 1,005 more words


Be Open to the Possibilities

When I was living out in Arizona prior to returning to Michigan I had a plan. I was living out that plan, but not my dream. 454 more words


The Hand of God

For every solution there was a problem that came before it. Everyone has problems, but not everyone has solutions. Although for every problem there does exist a solution. 1,116 more words


In Celebration of Life - Felicha Fay Heilman

We have all heard others speak of those who have passed away as having gone too soon. We cannot understand the reasons and we ask, “Why?” Yet, although I do not possess the answers for why Felicha is gone so suddenly and so soon, I have faith and my faith says God makes no mistakes. 318 more words