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Misunderstandings and The Golden Rule

Recently I reconnected with someone from my past. This was someone that I knew, but had not known well at the time. Over the course of several days we had some very profound conversations and shared some very restless secrets. 200 more words



I have been posting and releasing a series of travel videos as part of my pre full time RV living travels. The most recent video is of a trip that I took to Chicago in 2012 with my friend Felicha. 955 more words


The Bible. It means “the Book” and it is the one Book that every man needs to read. Here are three reasons why.

1. Positive Role Models:

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Christian Inspiration

Staying Your Course

I have a dream for my life. I can picture it in my head. And you may also have a dream for how you envision your life as well. 335 more words


Living Small In Order To Live BIG - Full Time RV Living

I’ve been told that I am living small. I have downsized, simplified and restructured my life over the course of many years. My life is a work in progress and I am constantly redefining my limits and my perspective. 568 more words


Gaining New Perspective

Recently I had been working a lot of hours covering shifts while being sick. I just couldn’t seem to shake being sick because I was working so much and not getting a lot of rest and I had no one to cover for me. 684 more words


My Back Story on Minimalism and Alternative Living (Part 2...A More Defined Explanation) - Full Time RV Living

I’ve always been different in that I had my own ideas and how I saw things. I’ve always had the wanderlust. Maybe it’s because my great grandma claimed to be a gypsy or maybe it’s because my grandpa was a truck driver. 1,291 more words