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There’s no where to go
No where to be different
Wherever you are ,
Is the right place to be
Wherever you are,
Is all that you need 💗

~ M. L Adams


Wise Words of Country Girls: Awaken Your Soul


Life is too short not to love what you do. Do one thing that makes you happy each and every day. You’ll be amazed at what it does for your mid, body, and spirit.

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Ego so elusive

Our lives could be so much better, so much more peaceful and joyful if only we could become aware of our ego. Awareness is the first step to identify our deep rooted ego. 114 more words

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Relax: Why are you worried?

You relax in an aeroplane though you do not know the pilot,
You relax in a ship though you do not know the captain,
You relax in the train without knowing the motorman, 36 more words

Inspirational Quotes

Words of Inspiration for the Inept

There are many inspirational quotes and posters online, but for me they never quite cover the actual situations I find myself in. So I’ve been putting together some motivational posters for the inept and somewhat cynical. 13 more words

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