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FROM TURKEY : "The tulips' origin and legend" FROM CANADA & NETHERLANDS: "the story of the tulips"

Tulipa hybrida
Family: Liliaceae
Common Names: ~Tulipa~

A thousand years ago,Tulips grew wild in Persia. Found in central Asia in 1554. Native to Turkey, Iran, Syria, and parts of Asia. 642 more words


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Some time ago a woman came to see me. I don’t remember how she got my name. We must have had an acquaintance in common.  She said wanted to talk to someone about metaphysics.  341 more words

Inspirational Stories

A NY exec meets a true-life Tarzan boy in Guatemala

When a New York tycoon met one of the last feral “Tarzan boys” in Guatemala, he knew it was a match made in Heaven.

Jamie Waller, a Wall Street darling who recovered from alcoholism and became a missionary, took on what was to become perhaps his most difficult case, helping a boy who became a savage after he was abandoned following the death of his parents, forced to fend for himself in the jungle. 498 more words


Fearless Woman: Lara Flanagan

Happy Fearless Woman Friday 💙

Who can’t wait for the weekend to begin?!  Well, before you start your weekend celebration, please allow me to introduce you to this fearless lady! 135 more words

The Fearless Life

INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: "The trouble tree" (coping with problems)

The carpenter I hired to help me restore an old farmhouse had just finished a rough first day on the job. A flat tire made him lose an hour of work, his electric saw quit, and now his ancient pickup truck refused to start. 199 more words


INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: "Kindness" (pass it forward)

One day a woman was walking down the street when she spied a beggar sitting on the corner. The man was elderly, unshaven, and ragged. As he sat there, pedestrians walked by him giving him dirty looks They clearly wanted nothing to do with him because of who he was — a dirty, homeless man. 1,242 more words


Inspirational Story - The Important Things In Life

The important things in life

A philosophy professor stood before his class with some items on the table in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks, about 2 inches in diameter. 291 more words