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The Truth About Sisterhood

I’ve had countless doubts about continuing to be a member in my sorority, but the one thing that keeps bringing me back is the amount of love and respect I have for every single sister I have. 667 more words

Models are not role models

There I was, staring at a video clip on an Instagram post of a well known model at a Vogue Party in Paris.As I kept staring , I was a bit mesmerised, then a bit sick.The woman started to look ridiculous, pointless. 707 more words


Happy Mother's Day: An Ode to a Step Mom Who Stepped Up.

I’d like to say that I fell in love with you right away because I was over joyed that you made my father so happy.  Yet, I was 17 and full of myself and only thought about how this new relationship would effect me, so that first day I met you my only thought was, “Great, now I have to share my Dad.”   I was not very welcoming.  383 more words

10 Famous Female Leaders to Look up to

It is always good to have some inspiration in life to keep you motivated and on track to achieve what we aim for.

With a male dominated world, we have some wonderful exceptions where these strong women have gave the women all over the world the zest and zeal to strive for what they dream to be. 795 more words

Woman Power

I’m a woman phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman, that’s me. — Janet Jackson, Poetic Justice Maya Angelou

Inspirational Women

Perfectly Positive Instagram.

I love, love, love Instagram!! Not because you can follow your fave celeb or covet the luxuries of the rich & famous. I love to see those who inspire others and spread kindness around like confetti. 1,088 more words

Introducing: My mum!

Like the Yorkshire pudding on a roast dinner, I have left the best until last. My mum is my biggest inspiration in life, as cliche as it is. 220 more words

Inspirational Women