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Inspirational Woman Interview: Katlyn Grasso

Katlyn Grasso is the Founder and CEO of GenHERation, an interactive media company that provides high school and college girls with access to career exploration, female executives, skill-building activities, and scholarships. 599 more words

Inspirational Women

Oh, Hatie, Hatie!  You lovely ... latie?

Hatie Parmeter is the prodigious creator of Whoa Mag, an online rag that features stories about incredible, adventurous women from all over the world. She describes herself as: enthusiastic, colorful, bold, loyal and loving. 1,157 more words

Inspirational Women

Agatha Christie

On this day in 1926 Agatha Christie disappeared from her home in Surrey. She was found at the Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate 11 days later. 28 more words


Western Nomads

There’s a certain kind of woman who chooses to spend more than just a few weeks here in Morocco. To live in a Berber village or at the doorway to the desert takes vision, guts, an open heart and a sturdy constitution. 38 more words

Sahara Wild Woman Retreats 2017

So pleased to be able to invite you to come and spend some time here in the Sahara. A retreat and transformative trip to untame you and connect you with your wildness and the nature of the desert. 125 more words

Inspirational Woman Interview: Kathleen Ferrier

Photo credit: Foto Verhoeff Leusden

Kathleen Ferrier is actively involved in issues relating to international relations and international cooperation, with a focus on human rights, migration, education, health and sustainability.  1,707 more words

Inspirational Women

Inspirational Woman Interview: Komal Minhas

Komal Minhas is an Indo-Canadian entrepreneur, media maker, and investor who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She’s the founder of KoMedia, a digital consultancy that focuses on telling women’s stories worldwide. 1,837 more words

Inspirational Women