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Inspirational Woman Interview: Jaclyn Collins

Jaclyn Collins is the Account Director for Imagemakers, a custom website development company based in the Midwest. Committed to creating peace in the world through education, Jaclyn is also the Founder of… 1,193 more words

Inspirational Women

Inspirational Woman Interview: Jenny Mandl

Jenny Mandl is a junior at the University of Maryland College Park, where she is majoring in Computer Engineering. Previously, she worked as an Explorer Intern at… 1,554 more words

Inspirational Women

It was never a dress.

Last February, just about now, I found this image.

Creative disruptors change the way we look at the world. Here, an icon is turned around, and our perception of what we thought we saw is something  entirely different. 356 more words

Inspirational Women

Girl Of The Moment: The Ashley Graham Edit

I’m starting a new blog series, called Girl Of The Moment. In recent news and with the ‘goings on’ over in America right now, it’s been such an impressive time seeing so many women join together and support each other across the world. 623 more words

Inspirational Woman Interview: Shelly Govila

Shelly Govila is a 23-year old Indian communicator and marketer based in Hong Kong. She is an Account Executive at Ruder Finn and the Co-Organizer and Head of Marketing at… 2,186 more words

Inspirational Women

Inspirational Woman Interview: Amy Weissman

Amy Weissman has worked in maternal, neonatal and child health (MNCH) and nutrition, HIV/AIDS, and sexual and reproductive programming for more than 20 years, with much of that time in South East Asia. 1,997 more words

Inspirational Women