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Jake: An Introspection

I have always hated labels and stereotypes. You see, I never bought into that notion where a person should and must fit in a specific mold that’s been decided upon and approved by society. 1,493 more words


How To Be Pretty Without Trying

Before I get in the shower, there’s always that moment of staring at myself naked like I don’t see myself every day. Like there’s something new to be found: better, worse, different, in need of something else, whatever it is. 822 more words

So, What's The Formula?

Ok, I got caught… I am a very organized person. I have to feel I have my ducks in a row. I have to have a system. 339 more words

Hearing God's Voice

When I Say You're My Friend

When I say

I am your friend

I say it

With love and ease.

When I say

I am your friend

I try to think about… 29 more words


The Sinless Son Of Man

He came to this earth
Purity and innocence
And for the thirty three years
He remained free of sins.

He came to this earth
Born of the Virgin Mary… 104 more words


Thank you for this day

Thank you for this day, a new opportunity, an unwritten page that I will fill with joy and love. Thank you.

How To Allow

Just say Yes!

Sometimes in life, you just have to say yes.

Forget all the reasons.

Forget all the excuses.

Forget all the explanations.

Forget all the rational things that you can think of to say no. 991 more words