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This is my first blog post since wrapping up the pursuit of my first degree at the University of Port Harcourt, so rumours have it that I’m a graduate. 730 more words


A new Old friend

He’s got a beautiful eye for photography and video.  His visions is as beautiful as a jaguar running across the savanagh.  Lord knows he’s gone through some struggle but thats whats made him stronger and wiser.  15 more words

Short Story

My Thoughts At 6:34 PM.

I wouldn’t be surprised
Knowing that the horizon
Is capable of hearing our hearts

On a Wednesday evening
Right around 6:34PM
The sky had shown my thoughts to the universe… 40 more words

The Worthy Pain.

I have always wanted to get my ears pierced, not one, but three

The first time was 20 years ago. A little outdated, for that I have long forgotten… 125 more words

One Or Two.

A double-rainbow, what a rare sight that was
Could it mean I’d get two wishes?
Or it’s merely a reflection of the one wish available… 24 more words

Make Friends With Fear.

I’ve always been afraid of flying high
A window seat has been my last resort
What’s the joy sitting next to the clouds… 70 more words