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I still remember !

Since the time we came to know that she will be born we all knew that a warrior is about to born; her was miraculous which left an amazement to each one who heard about it. 239 more words


4 Ways to Help You Stay More Organized (1 min read)

1. Plan.

In order to plan you want to dedicate a short but productive set of time to strategize, delegate and divide tasks. In addition, try to prioritize all your tasks and tackle them consecutively — don’t toggle back and forth. 310 more words

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Mother's Prayer

Hang on in there, please for me, selfishly.

I hear your torment spoken with no emotion.

I hear you feel you have no reason,

here on earth, to live, to be.

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50 Ways that Being an Entrepreneur or Blogger Will Change Your Life (5 min read)

1. You become passionate about working. Success in entrepreneurship depends on following your passions.

2. You wonder how you ever held a normal job. Each day, that typical office-based 9-to-5 lifestyle seems stranger and less appealing to you. 988 more words

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6 Ways to know if you are pregnant

There are 6 ways to know if you are pregnant, but there are tons of theories that people think, but may not be true. So, there are so many ways, to know if you are pregnant. 226 more words


​”Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it.

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I Am Slowly Learning That I Don't Have To Hate Myself

I am slowly learning that I don’t have to replay my awkward moments and bad decisions in my head over and over again. I don’t have to dwell on all of the things that I have done wrong in the past. 483 more words