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One Day You Won’t Have To Be The Only One Holding On Anymore

One day you won’t have to be the only one holding on anymore. You won’t have to engage in Whatsapp conversations that can leave you hanging at any message, making you wonder if you have said something wrong, if you could’ve done something better and be someone prettier. 827 more words


It need not take devastation to awaken us to the beauty we’re surrounded with, but sadly that is so often the case! – Martha L Shaw



Cruel words spoken in anger, rejections, betrayal of trust,broken promises, cast aside because you didn’t just belong, broken relationships…..
Have you ever been down those dark paths before? 472 more words


Breaking NEWS! M.I.A Returns to America and Is Now in L.A. 

My Internet sleuthing powers have given me some great information! M.I.A. has returned to the states and is now in Los Angeles! Truthfully after she released her latest album entitled… 91 more words


Being Lost to Find Myself

Tale of a Solo Traveler

Age brings wisdom through the multitude of experiences. Through the good times and definitely through our mistakes, we learn and define ourselves. 324 more words


Morning Devotional

The Good Confession

“Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven.

What is your outward confession?

96 more words

30 Uplifting Things You Need To Remember If You Suffer From a Chronic Illness

I don’t know if more people are suffering from chronic illnesses these days, or if we are only now starting to recognize them and openly discuss them. 1,057 more words