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Do break ups really break you?

Do breakups really break you?

What do you think?

Come on. Put some pressure on your mind.

Thought enough?


Have you been through any breakup? 518 more words

Romance is not about the flowers, candies and candlelit dinners, sure they are nice. For me it’s more about the kind words, gentle touch, spontaneous kiss, sharing laughter, dancing together… Those moments shared together for no other reason than because each one wants to be with the other.


Let your passion guide you, move you and inspire you.


Chase The Dreams You Dreamt For Yourself When You Were Younger

Last week the TODAY Show told me I really should start thinking about freezing my eggs.

This morning, they told me that only 6% of people do the job that they grew up wanting to do. 817 more words


I’ve been in the habit of taking my camera with me in the mornings while taking the dog outside. As a result, the birds (especially sparrows and blue jays) have become more comfortable with me and don’t fly off in a panic when they see me. 58 more words