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THE VOTE: Encouragement and Reflections

There are few things likely to make one more tired of the political process than the focus of the past several months on the national scene.   407 more words


I define forgiveness as choosing to take away the power I had once given my offender to render my soul restless and using it to keep my soul at peace. 177 more words



Happiness is not something that happens down the road…Happiness is now or not at all…

And If Your life is spent waiting for something to happen to get You there, then You are not Living… 6 more words


Sort yourself Out...

Does anyone really know who they are?

Does anyone really have all their problems sort out?

I don’t think so. Everybody has problems they are facing, how you handle your problems is up to you, however how you treat others when you are going tough times is not only your problem, but that of said people and the society. 71 more words


Stop Existing...

Stop existing alone, start living too.

I like to think that existing means being alive. You’re alive but that’s it, there’s nothing more to it.You are just taking anything Life brings your way and shoving it up your ass. 209 more words


Own your Flaws...

A lot of times, we hear that we should accept our flaws so no one can use them against Us.


To cause something / someone to not be perfect .

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Life's Distractions

What happened to the summer? to the spring, for that matter? Last time I wrote here was in March. Well, I’ve come to realize that one’s health can be one of the biggest distractions to creativity. 541 more words