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We all search for happiness every day of our lives.  What good is searching if you don’t have a proper map?

For a long time, I bought into the crap people spew about “enjoying the moment, living in the now, appreciating what you have, and gratitude.”  These are all wonderful things, but in my opinion, happiness does not happen unless you take action. 590 more words


What Drives You? Great Tips for Motivation

People tell me that I am self motivated.  I would like to believe that I am.  What some people do not know is that motivation requires hard work.   542 more words



I have tasted and seen
You are King
Miraculous and beautiful
There is just none like You

How to convince this world
How to tell of Your great love… 342 more words

Divine Inspiration

No Time for Exercise - Here are Some Quick Tips

I have heard every excuse not to exercise.  I have even mastered the art of creating many excuses myself.  My favorite excuse is “I’m tired and feel a little run down – so I will start tomorrow.”  What are some excuses that you use? 499 more words


There are things that you cannot have immediately to improve oneself. Always keep your head up, no matter how hard to get things you  want in life; the point is you can still have it.

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Be Strong