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Emotional Work and PKU

“The diet is difficult to follow.”

“I know I need to drink my formula, but it’s hard.”

“I’m so worried my child will feel that he’s different.” 1,241 more words

Living With PKU

A Mother Again

I would like to formally announce that I am pregnant with baby number 3! I am due June 25. Right now I’m a little over 27 weeks along. 495 more words

Living With PKU

Why 2018 Needs To Be Our Year of Application

At the beginning of 2018 I told myself that this year is about intentionality and application for me. Last year I read lots of books, watched tons of free webinars, and even sermons, and if I’m being honest, I probably didn’t even apply half of what I learned. 605 more words


When life get's tough, the tough get going.

You know, life is hard

Yes it’s hard

It’s difficult

You’re right

And it’s worth it!!

The Exam model

Assume you were in an examination room at college. 707 more words


Spring = Renewal

I know, it is rather cliché but right now, as Spring approaches, it is very much a renewal for me on many fronts.

I moved to MN one year ago. 329 more words


Even a Dead Fish Can Make it Down Stream

The other day I was speaking with a board member of my charity about selling our vision to potential donors and our programs to schools and he interjected the conversation with the question, why Andy? 596 more words


Stop comparing yourself to others, do this instead.

It’s been said that the greatest disease affecting humanity is that feeling of “I am not enough”. The feeling of I am not enough can only exist by comparing yourself to another and living your life by expectations that aren’t your own. 273 more words