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No Time for Exercise - Here are Some Quick Tips

I have heard every excuse not to exercise.  I have even mastered the art of creating many excuses myself.  My favorite excuse is “I’m tired and feel a little run down – so I will start tomorrow.”  What are some excuses that you use? 499 more words


There are things that you cannot have immediately to improve oneself. Always keep your head up, no matter how hard to get things you  want in life; the point is you can still have it.

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Be Strong

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Somehow I ended up by my window.  Am I awake?  Through my squinted eyes, I see the snowfall glaring by the street light.  My car, barely visible, taunts me.   441 more words


Why Blog?

Something had been missing, hidden in the far reaches of my abdominal abyss, only to be stumbled upon by chance, I found blogging.  For those of you who have not seen by gut lately, trust me, it’s deep and was not easy to find. 368 more words


Sometimes a person just needs time to reflect and project....

Well, well, well, this is my first post of the new year and I know nobody was wondering what took so long because no one is checking for my form of a positive outlet of expression through this blog of mines.  320 more words


The Sisters: Hatred and Forgiveness

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Meet Hatred and Forgiveness.

What a strange coexistence they share, such opposites yet so synergistic in their authority and power.

Hatred. She is so viscerally motivated, powerful and strong with a deep desire to destroy without grace or compassion, to wipe evil clean off the earth as if it never existed. 448 more words


Mistakes Made Trying to Lose Weight

Why can’t I lose weight?

There are many reasons why people come to me asking how to lose weight.  They may be patients, friends, family, and occasionally the random person sitting next to you on the plane. 464 more words