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Keeping Fit when you live from a suitcase in 5 easy steps

It can be super easy to fall off the bandwagon when you’re travelling.┬áBut after you’ve┬áspent all those hours sweating it up at the gym you don’t want to let it all go by the weigh-side (see what I did there… lol) But it is actually SUPER easy to keep fit on the road, maybe even easier than back at home. 324 more words



i have
left inside
but hate:
the rage
courses through
my veins
me to
this cycle
of pain
of melancholy… 68 more words


New issue of Weve available!


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Weve is one of the publications I mentioned in my recent post about professional reading, so I'm thrilled to have been invited to contribute to the latest edition! This challenged, stretched, excited and frightened me, all at the same time! I'm so proud of stepping outside of my comfort zone and creating something new. I've always been a words girl, so parsing my words right back and selecting just the right ones with the right images to express my thoughts was definitely moving beyond comfort. I enjoyed the brainstorming that went along with this immensely! Thank you, Sally and Megan for inviting me to do this, and then actually using my little movie!

Song of the Day - 'Just the Way You Are'

My Discover Weekly algorithm has correctly identified me as a ‘hopeless romantic of the generation that grew up on blue eyed soul’ and today it hit me with this gem.




My family wanted scones and as the family’s personal baker I took the job of baking somez. I love to bake, so any opportunity that present itself and where I get to bake, I jump right on that train. 88 more words