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The Cross

The 4th Step

Jesus was crucified on the cross.

So, what happen to us? We crucify our old self, old ways, sinful ways, and choose to do things God’s way. 406 more words


"Why Our Children Should Hate Us" Read The Lance Simmens Article Banned By The Huffington Post

No its going away: Again we reiterate Vaccines are a fundamental issues of our time.

Those responsable for these Crimes Against Humanity will ALL be brought before the Courts. 54 more words


A Date with the Creative Muse

In The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron talks about “artist dates”.  These are special times that you set aside for yourself to go off in search of inspiration, to be with your creative muse.  447 more words

Tapestry Weaving

Inspiration #3

I was inspired by this picture of a bull-riders clothes to explore just that. Not bull-riding but the different clothing of people who surround me. Clothing is an important part of how a person expresses themselves, and to capture it in a photograph would be fun for both me and the subject, I hope.  82 more words