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You Are Exhausted…
…because you have allowed the society to put you under extreme pressure…
Pressure to go to varsity. Pressure to get a job after leaving varsity. 281 more words


Believing Is Seeing

Believing Is Seeing by Mary Anne Staniszewski (Revised Korean Edition Title: This is Not Art) As this slightly challenging title (Korean translated version) infers, the auther mainly claims that all forms of “art” which were created thousands or even millions years ago and are now being appreciated and appraised by the contemporaries actually cannot be called as “art” since these so-called “artists” produced those pieces reflected by the culture and the social norms of their eras but not precisely out of freewill inspirations. 138 more words


Step by step by step

Just look at the angles of this beauty. Although I’d admit that I don’t think I’d ever climb it (I can hear my knees aching in protest already) but admiring it from the ground floor is good enough for me. 14 more words


Catalan MPs Answer To Spanish Violence [video]

Time and time again we have stated her at RH, so once again we reiterate ‘Peaceful, Non Compliance, with bring down the System. The ‘Bad Guys’ have no answer to this resistance.

Happy Days.


It's The Final Countdown

It’s The Final Countdown

Here I am staring at the final assessment. There is a bit more to go but this is the gold ticket to the Wonka Factory. 498 more words

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