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Graffiti takes on a unique new style

Graffiti takes a new spin when displayed in an abandoned warehouse.


Identity Crisis

What makes you you?
The things you’ve seen?
The lives you’ve touched?
The where you’ve been?

If you woke without your memories,
Tell me, who, then, would you be? 110 more words


The remarkable story of the pizza shop that pays it forward

They do things differently at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia. Customers can pay forward slices of $1 pizza for those in need of food.


Instagram is the fuel for the Urban Explorer Movement in NYC

A younger generation of explorers in the depths of NYC use Instagram to tell their stories and have started a revolution.


The Way Out: West

You can learn a lot about a person on a long distance road trip, including yourself.


The 'Game of Thrones' theme only gets better when sung by an opera

What is better than a majestic opera singing the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.