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DJI Crystalsky - How To Install Litchi

How to install Litchi on the DJI Crystalsky Monitor.

I have been holding back on this one for a little while as I have had some concerns with the method of acquiring Litchi, as its only available from the App store officially you downloading an unofficial copy and I do not want to condone piracy, please support the developer and purchase this app if you do download it, I will not provide a link to the file but I will tell you that the version you need in the video. 59 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

This photo was taken between Halloween and Thanksgiving in one of the small islands of Hong Kong. Where there is no pumpkin, people can be creative and transformation took place! 6 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

This leaf is the same as those in the background but when the light shining in the background, it seems so colorful and alive almost like experimental a second life! 6 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Temporary

Temporary versus permanent, jobs, housing, friends, and family. Pain is temporary but the scar, visible or not can be permanent. Time or life goes on, but a moment can be frozen in time, lingers in one’s memory long after it has gone by. 6 more words