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Monday Inspiration

I am trying my hardest to stay patient, but it’s difficult when technology is such a bitch.  Mysecond edit of a story I am writing is a corrupt file.  28 more words



I don’t really remember when I started watching YouTube habitually, but I do certainly remember the first YouTube video I ever watched. I was in the seventh or eighth grade, I had hardly heard of the site, and I was in technology class. 363 more words


Conscious Shift

So lately my life experience has become very very intense, from work to personal life to the people that I associate with. There’s been a lot of disconnection from reality, I thought for a moment that I in-fact was losing my mind. 626 more words


So parkour on moving vehicles is a thing...

Parkour is a thing of the past thanks to carkour: parkour on moving vehicles.



When you present imperfection beautifully, you expand the collective understanding of perfection.