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There’s magic in decluttering

Guess what? It’s not over yet. 😳

You know that feeling when you feel like there’s so much to do but you have no idea what that is? 397 more words


Don't end up simply having visited this world.

Today, we say goodbye to beloved poet, Mary Oliver, but her poems remain to inspire and awaken us, to uplift us and call us to task. 306 more words

Free Style: The Vent Machine "An Open Letter to my Students"

“An Open Letter to my Students”

As the kids would say, it’s been a minute. I have started three blog posts, idling in my drafts, ready to be taken across the finish line. 1,345 more words


Championing Self-Esteem and Negotiation Skills

Growing up, I suffered from crippling low self-esteem.

It dictated and controlled every aspect of my life, from how I thought about myself to the way I thought about and reacted to everyday situations. 878 more words


The Watch

steadfast watch from the writer’s tower
time ticks
too fast
toward its endgame bomb
no life escapes that room
then doom
or nothing… 100 more words


Excerpt from 'Old Ways: A journey on foot' by the wonderful Robert Macfarlane, writer and explorer

“Humans are animals and like all animals we leave tracks as we walk: signs of passage made in snow, sand, mud, grass, dew, earth or moss…. 27 more words