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Showering and Chronic Illness

It isn’t something we talk about a lot. An act that when we were healthy was not even something we thought about, it was just part of our day. 1,013 more words


Mini Podcast Coming Soon

I just claimed anchor.fm/broken-journey1 – download Anchor and get your own before it’s gone!

I am putting a lot of time and energy from home into this small project. 76 more words


In the eye...

In the eye of the storm, thoughts rush through me.

Words swirling in my head, some unwanted while others set me free.

Sitting in the middle of chaos I choose to fulfill my dreams. 65 more words

There’s always a calm before the storm, A night before the dawn, Monsters inside us all, But no matter how big or how small, please remember, The sun will always rise in the morn 69 more words


30 Quotes in 30 Days - Day 10

“If, inside, you possess good qualities, such as compassion or spiritual forgiveness… then external factors will not affect the internal peace of the mind”

– Dalia Lama…

531 more words