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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

There’s a certain rejuvenating feeling associated with waking up in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of kilometres from any form of small civilisation or human settlement.
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Get Motivated - [Discussion] Trying to Start a Business, Can't Find the Energy

Trying to Start a Business, Can’t Find the Energy

I'd like to say before I begin what an inspirational sub you all have here. I think its really cool to see the comments and posts of people finding ways to better themselves, everyday. 553 more words


Get Motivated - [Story] Felt a little down the past few days.

Felt a little down the past few days.

Wall of text inbound. Personal and anecdotal story included. TLDR at the bottom without as much of my self reflection. 701 more words


Blue Moon. Heavy boots.

Heat lightning: at the horizon,
July in heavy boots paces the hot floor of the darkness.
A bulb in a wobbly lamp jiggles.
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Pull the Plug

One day, as I was browsing the web, I grabbed my phone with my free hand and started scrolling through my Instagram feed. My right hand, the one that was doing the browsing-on-the-laptop thing, was still scrolling. 420 more words


How it all began... again.

.::Koh Phangan, Thailand::.

It was the last week of our month long, 140 hour, level one yoga certification.

After 15 minutes, I’m already deep into my practice, head bowed down over my legs in uttanasana (standing forward fold), nose to my shins, I open my eyes briefly and see it. 551 more words

Respect and Honour

There are those who guide beyond teaching
Set you free with magical inspiration
Respect and honour

Those who relate secrets within stories
Explaining mysteries of the unknown… 78 more words