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50 Word Stories: Ready?

Autumn has swept in without my knowing. An early gloom has stolen my evening reading and ushered in the need for unnatural, electric light; it buzzes like a swarm of flies. 21 more words


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I too have been caught out by this sudden Autumn - not sure I'm ready.

That is the price of proximity: you don’t see it. Don’t know that it’s there. Then it is over.

The leaves of the chestnut tree have begun to fall onto the flagstone path in the garden, which is visible only here and there. The willow too has lost its leaves and needs pruning, it grows monstrously fast. 391 more words


Open the Door 🚪

He said, [“Quoth the Raven, Nevermore”]

But mine, did not make sound.
I awake from rest on the couch-
To see him flapping around.
It is an alarm! 81 more words


C. O. A. S. (#8)

Hear me!

Those with multiple jobs;

Today, I was late for work.

With insomnia plaguing; at its best-

I forgot to button my shirt. 😳💋



Part One: Fall and Winter


The streamline of thought inside my car is no different to the streamline of thought I encounter when walking or traveling. I find myself inspired every time I’m driving my car, probably because driving marks a journey between here and there as I physically remain still. 832 more words


Without the Need to be Called Flower 

Grown, I am, in physicality

But mentally molded, I am, by your philosophy

I sat, child-like, eyes wide

Absorbing every mannerism

Noting, mentally

How I will grow myself… 39 more words