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The Day I Inspired a Stranger

There was a time where I had no direction. There was just a dirt road leading to no where. Then, out of good fortune (I don’t believe in luck) I was given an opportunity; an opportunity that not only would change my life, but also the others around me. 1,079 more words



          આપણે લાઈફમાં શા માટે કોઈ રૂલ્સ એન્ડ રેગુલેશન કે પછી કોઈ ટેકનીક ફોલો કરવી પડે છે, ઇવન ક્રિએટીવ ફિલ્ડમાં પણ?

           જયારે હું લોકોને કહેતો કે મારે રાઈટર બનવું છે ત્યારે લોકોના મોમાં એકજ વાક્ય રહેતું, ”તારે ઘણું વાંચવું પડશે….”


When in doubt...

When in doubt paint it gold…words I live by!

From jeans to a bedroom dresser, to trees stumps or a pair of boots nothing is really off-limits to this golden rule. 49 more words


Social Media Purge: How & Why I Made the Cut.

I’m a millennial so of course I’m attached to social media quite often throughout my week. It’s often a huge part of our lives that we just can’t possibly explain to our baby boomin’ elders. 415 more words