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Day 763 (Year 3, Day 33)

Such a timely and delightful surprise in my mailbox. I love this whole concept of art to inspire reflection! Thanks big sis for the thoughtful gift! 8 more words


Life is a Theater - Unknown Author

Invite Your Audience Carefully.
Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in your life.

There are some people in your life who need to be loved from a DISTANCE. 385 more words


Set It Free! 

What are your insecurities? Are you ready to take on the challenge with me?
I am going to post something I am insecure about, regardless if it is a physical feature or even if it is a a personality trait. 259 more words


The Moments....

          લાઇફમાં ઘણીવાર હાર્ડ-મોમેન્ટસ આવતી હોય છે, એવી મોમેન્ટસ જે ઇગનોર નથી કરી શકાતી. કોઈ ખરાબ એક્સ્પીરીયન્સ માંથી બહાર નીકળવાની ટ્રાય કરતા હોઈએ અને અચાનક એ મોમેન્ટ આવી ચડે, મહિનાઓ પછી જેટલા પણ હિલ થયા હોઈએ એટલા એક જટકે, એકજ મોમેન્ટમાં હર્ટ થઇ જઈએ. 45 more words


Saying goodbye...

Nowadays, finding a world in which you can fit in and truly gain an understanding into people’s lives is difficult, especially as a teen. Being the one who’s different, and being the one who has diverse ideas and prospects for life as those surrounding you is hard, and sometimes you need a platform in which you can just break away for a while and just be you. 389 more words


The child has eyes.
The man has words.

The child,
Though see the world;
Cant speak.

The man,
Though speak at the world;
Cant see. 12 more words