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new day ...

when we’re connected to moments like this, nothing else seems to matter …


Love someone

A new release from Lukas Graham… something sweet and hopeful perhaps, to take us into the weekend.


~ FlorenceT


Thoughtful Thursday’s

Hello beautiful people! Have you had days when you have just thought about life ? Like I mean those thought-provoking questions which cause you to do an in-depth analysis of life and all that it means? 49 more words



i select my path

brimming with beauty, wealth,

wondrous adventure


Quote #264


“Life is trying things to see if they work” – QOTD

Remember to always post your thoughts on this quote or if you have one of your own that you would like to share! 14 more words


Why do i want to people to read my blog?


If you want to know one-easy answer then don’t read this post.

If you want to go on a journey with me to discover what the reason can be, if you want to wonder with me, then go ahead and join me, because this post is more like wondering about answer and less like really answering to the question, it’s checking posibilities, simply because i dont know the truth right away, or maybe because i don’t want to acknowegle the truth. 313 more words

Not a sad story. A sob story.

When he was 4 his mother found him in the kitchen with a knife. He was summoning the nerve to slice off his own fingers. This wasn’t because he was crazy but because he was all too sane and understood correctly that the dysfunctional appendages dangling from his misshapen left hand were the source of his physical agony. 623 more words