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The memory ward... An excerpt from an on-going book i'm trying to write.

Slam. Through a sheen, thick as a hospital curtain, Toby hit hard and cracked knuckles against the blindfolded skull of his attacker. It had been a stunning strike. 2,649 more words

Snippets Of Thought

It'll Feed Your Soul...

Being raised by a Southern woman is definitely different. You wouldn’t know unless you were raised by one. The quirky sayings, the “yes ma’am” and “yes sir” replies to questions, and the “y’all”. 621 more words

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Wintersong: The writing was the best part

  • That charming story totally set the tone for the whole book. I LOVED IT.
  • The most interesting part of the goblin men’s intentions is how they discredit her as a narrator.
  • 1,285 more words

Take a trip with me to the Big Easy. This week’s inspired look is my trip to New Orleans. It’ll feed your soul but it’ll eat you alive…

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Better late than never!

As a child who grew up attending Sunday School classes, the mention of the name Samson, even without reading the Bible would instantly remind you of that story you must have heard countless times about that great man who lost it all on the laps of a Delilah. 323 more words

Reflections Of A God Chaser!

When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

I have spent over half of my life, fighting cancer.  Sure, the physical battle itself, lasted roughly three years.  But the fight has gone on, and notice, I do not use the past tense, because there are so many elements that remind me, I am still fighting cancer today.  1,568 more words

Family And Friends


Tiny bottles in the mail! Yaaay!

I bought these online to make some things out of. They are small and light, so will make great necklaces. 311 more words