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Speaking at Teen Challenge

We are so thankful for Mrs. Pam giving us this platform to speak to the girls at Teen Challenge to talk to them about self-esteem and having confidence within themselves. 138 more words


Don't ask Just do

If you want something or if you want to achieve something it’s a bad idea to ask yourself “can I do this” only because if you really want something there should be no question on rather if you can do it or not. 152 more words


Thank YOU!

We couldn’t say thank you enough for the experience, memories, opportunity, love, and friendships that we gained during our short time at Pop Austin. The center is full of intelligent, loving, and supportive individuals who have a special bond. 62 more words


Dogs, Cats, Jungles and Books - Expect the Unexpected!

All my life, ever since I was a very little girl, I have always, always, always wanted a dog. A cocker spaniel, to be exact. A black cocker spaniel to be even more precise. 541 more words


The Way I Think

These post are not inspirational, they are simply how I think, questions I have and my very own conclusions to those questions. People should share their mind with other people such as I’m doing here only because one little thought could be an answer to another persons question, or a different way of looking at things or even a missing piece to a breakthrough for a person. 37 more words


Money will come and go during life, but faith your in self won’t


I Try To Be

I just try to be the person I never had when I was going through situations that everyone goes through in this life journey, granted I’m not perfect but I share mistakes I’ve made to help you, so maybe I can influence a decision that you would make in a situation. 37 more words