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Wonderful Working Women Wednesday

Why not celebrate Wonderful Working Women Wednesday today. To all of our hardworking women just like Mobley Girl Toya working hard, thank you! Thank you for paving the way for all of us diamonds in the works! #BeAGirlLikeMe #workingwomen #wednesday


NYSC Journal: Dropping Like Flies on Parade Ground

Today was “special”. It was the swearing in ceremony and we were going to wear our Khakis, hopefully our tailors had done good jobs. One of the Army sergeants would wake only the guys up by 3am. 655 more words


NYSC Journal: Registration, Queues & Dozing Without Nodding

When I stepped into Kaduna camp and walked past the sarcastic smiles of the military men, the first things I noticed were sand and dust. They were everywhere. 603 more words


Living the Dream

We are so grateful and thankful to be #Livingthedream that Dr. King spoke about years ago. The African American community has dealt with so many struggles and Dr. 75 more words


NYSC Journal: Getting To Camp

I was awake at 5am that Monday morning. I grabbed my phone and headed straight to twitter. I checked for tweets relating to NYSC and I saw a few people already lamenting about where they were posted to. 469 more words


What will you miss about the Obamas?

Today on Chattin’ with the Girlz we will be talking about different things that we will miss about the Obama family. The Obama family brought such a loving and fun family dynamic we just could not resist.What will you miss about the Obamas? 38 more words


Some Quotes from Master Horsemen and others ...

“Horse training is about building confidence one step at a time. It’s not about confrontation or respect or being the boss or winning fights.” — Neil Davies… 907 more words