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Somewhere Out There, Someone is Waiting to Hear Your Story

Have you ever suffered through something and wished someone could have been there to help or save you? Have you ever just felt so alone in a situation that you promised yourself, you would not let it happen to others? 367 more words


Be What You Want To Be

Everyone has a dream and everybody is put down by other people by the dream you have. What you want to be in life, what you have to offer the world and whatever it maybe,you can’t let other people dictate that dream. 121 more words


Love everyday!

Happy Happy Days for everyone. And Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone old, young, male, or female. We love you and we are so glad that you are still here with us. 84 more words

God Loves You

He loves you!!!!

The first part of our Valentine’s theme this year is Love God. So we want to share one of our favorite songs with you on our “Calling all Jesus Girls!” playlist on Youtube! 7 more words


Day 2044 - A Little Financial Encouragement

Today while doing the bills, I was just completely humbled and in awe of how awesome God is and how He’s used different financial situations to bring us closer together and closer to Him. 389 more words


5 years, Under the Sun

As I watched this Video, jaws dropped, I wondered, if this a Showreel from a High-budget James Cameron Movie, but definitely not, this is Time-lapse Video realeased by  NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory or SDO, marking 5 years in space. 48 more words


Chin Up, Walk Tall

Don’t let a broken heart discourage you, for you are not fragile.

There are some people who are plunged into deep despair and lose all meaning in life when a relationship ends or their heart is broken. 598 more words

Practical Advice