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The one thing i want to do in life is help people when they feel lost in life. When people feel scared of something they are not sure of or what is to come, I truly love people very deeply. 249 more words

Cancer Patients Are Soldiers Too

Cancer patients are soldiers too. We ship out to an unknown foreign place which is a hospital. We shave our heads we prepare for battle with Ivs as our guns and chemo as our ammunition. 222 more words

Confessions of a slow reader

I will proudly stand up in a room full of people and say ‘I am a slow reader!’ and frankly I don’t think there is anything wrong with that! 586 more words


About To Start A Vlog...or Something

UgoTalksAlot is literally about to start talking…a lot. Check out the video.


The Gift of Ruin

There is a vulnerability that comes when we find ourselves in ruin. The masks come off. The “I’m confident” mask. The “I’m holding it all together” mask.

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Grateful for the Struggle

My privilege – being a Caucasian American who grew up in an upper middle class, nuclear family with access to everything I needed and many things I wanted – has not protected me from pain and struggle. 168 more words

Chronic Illness

The People Are Hungry, Well, Give Them Some Rice

None of the images used in this post are mine

A politician runs his campaign on promises that encompass everything in between the east and west.

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