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Share Videos that Inspire Joy!

Here are some of my favorite inspirational videos that encourage me, uplift my spirit, empower me from top to bottom, and leave me filled with joy. 28 more words

Eugene Oregon

Monday Inspiration: Change your life

The inspiration of this week is a video that is originally titled as Motivation for 2015, but is very appropriate this Easter Monday. It stands for new beginnings and a new year, but also Easter is a great opportunity for a new beginning. 22 more words


Public Schools, Stereotypes, Truth

I really admire this guy. I’m subscribed to his YouTube channel. He reports on a lot of cool stuff.

This video concerns the modern public school system, mainstream media, stereotypes etc.  Check it out…

Personal Journey

Friday Inspiration: Appreciate Your Blessings Before They're Gone

Happy Friday!  This important message by WCW Champion Marc Mero is a great reminder to stop and appreciate all the people and things we often take for granted in life, because none of it is guaranteed to be here tomorrow.  54 more words


Thoughts and Reflections on Life's Journey

“Your soul doesn’t care what you do for a living – and when your life is over, neither will you. Your soul cares only about what you are… 90 more words

Inspirational Thoughts

How to get 100% inspired in less than 22 minutes?

By watching this video! Money-back guarantee (if you had paid any in the first place, that is!)

Arunima Sinha: an Indian girl. 26. Athlete. Middle class family. 76 more words