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Apartment Therapy

“We all know that being happy at home doesn’t just come down to filling your space with objects you love. You can find new satisfaction in your space by adding a few simple practices to your routine, and before you know it, these habits will refresh your life both inside and outside your walls. 78 more words


How teamwork success in all ways show this video

ఐకమత్యమే మహాబలం!
ప్రస్తుతం సోషల్ మీడియాలో వైరల్ అవుతోన్న యానిమేషన్ వీడియో కూడా..! ‘ఐకమత్యమే మహాబలం..’ అనే సందేశాన్ని అందించే ఈ వీడియోలో భాగంగా..continue

Work & Life

Inspiring Thoughts: World Without Teachers

Can you imagine a world without teachers? Teaching is a difficult profession, so we should always be grateful that teachers exist! Teaching is a profession that requires both expertise and passion, so keep that passion burning. 39 more words

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Monday Inspiration: Do what you can't

Long time no blog you guys. Hope you are all doing fine, because I am. There was so much going on in my life, that I unintentionally neglected the blog for three months. 125 more words


Unexpected Giver - Inspiring Video #8

Small surprises always have the biggest reactions! A man walks into a grocery store one day and decides to pay for the groceries of unsuspecting customers. 97 more words


Sportsmanship is More than Winning – Inspiring Video #6

Sports can get pretty competitive – the players and coaches get caught up in the moment, spectators go crazy with excitement, & emotions sometimes catches the best of people.   216 more words


Nothing to Something - Inspiring Video #6

What happens when life does not go the way you want? Or, what if you had no control of your living conditions or what your parents do? 199 more words