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How to Get Your Confidence Back in 5 Minutes or Less (1 min read)

1. Hold a high power pose for two minutes.

Try this superhero pose: Stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up with hands placed on your waist and legs hip-width apart. 206 more words

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6 Habits of Successful People (2 min read)

Habit 1: Write Your “To-Do List,” The Night Before

High achievers would write their to-do’s every evening before dinner or bed so they were prepared for the following day. 553 more words

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A sip of madness

In my favourite teacup

A kiss of love like sickness

A meadow full of blankets

A truth full of lies

I found you on the edge of death… 25 more words


Me, The Indian Trumpet and The Maid Special!

The Winter Edition of The Indian Trumpet is themed around the quintessential Indian Maid. The dynamics, politics and relationships a maid creates within the household is bound to inspire many a writer, as it did me! 155 more words


Daily Dose "Motion Awards"


The 2017 Motion Awards are now open for entries.

Gunner and Antfood teamed up to create this year’s amazing launch video (and usher in a new lavender-scented palette). 29 more words

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Bloom Baby Bloom

~It’s the Nefertiti in me that has introduced to me my ROYALTY. Her spirit has taught me that my body really is a temple made of pure gold. 351 more words