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We Are The Artist's And Writer's Of Our Life

The light of the world can been seen with a positive mindset. A clear idea of how the world can be changed with a sprinkle of kindness, faith, gratitude, and brilliant ideas is the key ingredient to making a beautiful masterpiece. 96 more words



Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

-George Bernard Shaw


Last Week Might Have Changed My Life

Traveling so much is tough. I miss home. I miss sleeping in a comfortable bed rather than a dorm, I miss living out of a closet rather than a suitcase. 294 more words


Life is all about moving beyond your limits

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Have you observed a bee? Its wings appear too small for its body. Some people might say there is no way a bee should be able to fly. 162 more words


Just things

There are a million wooden spoons.  I’m sure I could go into any store, from a Walmart to a high-end Kitchen store, to replace the one I have.   297 more words



You don’t have to blend with others for you to have a healthy relationship with them. It’s not your obligation to be one of them. More than them accepting you, it is more important that you can accept yourself. 9 more words


7 ragam teman, nomor buncit paling siips

7 ragam teman, nomor buncit paling siips. Namanya hidup pastilah kita punya teman mulai dari kecil hingga tua. Ragam pertemanan terbentuk dari berbagai sebab musabab dan latar belakang. 266 more words