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5 Minute Meditation (that saved my life!)💜

This meditation is SO simple & extremely effective! You can do it anytime you have a few minutes. I like to meditate in the morning and at night – set good intentions for the day, and cleanse from the stress and worries to get a graceful sleep. 310 more words



What if there was a man out there that used his intelligence for good. To make the planet a better and more sustainable place to live. 477 more words


Rosalie Stephanie Robalino

Rosie, sometimes known as Stephanie (it’s a South American middle name thing) is a young Ecuadorian entrepreneur from the Inner West of Sydney. Rosie has a type of style and grace that is beyond her years. 2,253 more words

Sangre Migrante

Things that I am loving

There are some pretty cool design trends that I am loving so I thought that this is the best place to get them out of mind and into paper. 60 more words


Hello! welcome to the first CarmenReine’ post I have been wanting to start a Blog for a very long time now and its finally here. I am so excited to finally have started. 143 more words

Motivation... Do we really need it or is it an excuse?

Recently I watched a video and the lady in the video was talking about how motivation is complete BS.

Before I even saw the video I thought to myself, motivation isn’t BS, it’s something everyone needs at certain times to do different activities (like cleaning). 653 more words