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With Instagram’s new app “Layout” I have been editing pictures like crazy. I have never been that much of a fan or editing pictures to look artsy and shit, but I am really into mirroring images and editing them lately. 20 more words


[ALT INSTAGRAM/OTHER INSTAGRAM] 31.03.15 Fotograful si directorul departamentului de creatie, Choi Seungkwang, posteaza fotografii cu Kim Jaejoong/ Photographer & Art Director Choi Seungkwang Shares Photos with Kim Jaejoong

Ai grija, fratioare.
Il voi pregati gandindu-ma la momentele petrecute impreuna!

#kimjaejoong #김재중 #jyj #기다림도개이득 #지켜줄게 #잠시만안녕 #memory #추억들달리던기억들생각나네

Nota JYJ:3 Choi Seungkwang a lucrat cu JJ pentru pictorialul revistei BNT din Austria^^ 43 more words

Kim Jaejoong

[ALT INSTAGRAM/OTHER INSTAGRAMS] 31.03.15 Prietenii lui Jaejoong posteaza fotografii din noaptea de dinaintea inrolarii/ Jaejoong’s friends share photos from the last night before Jaejoong enlisted

June Shin (CEO la Speakeasy MANO) Instagram Update:

벌써 보고싶네 짜식. 군인으로 첫날 밤 부디 잘자라.
JJKS. Deja mi-e dor de tine, fratele meu~~ 146 more words

Kim Jaejoong