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Upgrade MiBand3 firmware with Gadgetbridge, on Huawei P10


I use gadgetbridge instead of the MiBand app because I don’t like the privacy behavior of the MiBand app – like needing GPS to connect my bracelet … needing access to all my info … not being able to pair through BT “ 188 more words


FK8 Mugen Visors Install

Not a particularly exciting install, but it’s an install nonetheless! Nick ordered the Mugen visors for me a week or so ago and they finally landed. 226 more words

Upgrading/Installing TFA with OSWatcher

The whole process is very simple and straightforward.
Post seems big but most of the content is a command output.

1. Download TFA Collector – TFA with Database Support Tools Bundle from… 878 more words

How to install missing Perl modules on Debian

  • Use aptitude to see if a prepackaged version exists
    • if the module name is Foo::Bar the packaged version will be called libfoo-bar-perl
    • so do ‘aptitude search libfoo-bar-perl’
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ASUS VivoBook S530F: how to install the Windows 10 drivers?

I got a new laptop at my workplace, an ASUS VivoBook S530F. I wanted to make a dual-boot system with Windows 10 and Manjaro. First, I installed Windows 10 on it. 298 more words


Exhibition - Install

I have not had the experience of installing an exhibition before so this process was incredibly enlightening and taught me many different skills. There was also a lot of decision making that went into the whole process which makes everything take a bit longer, especially when conversations with tutors needs to be had before certain executive decisions can be made. 1,783 more words

Final Major Project