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VLES Light Installation VIDEO

<p><a href=” light installation</a> from <a href=” friendly interactions</a> on <a href=”;.</p>


'Rock paper scissors' pile

I wanted to manipulate the cardboard physically, altering the boring flat pieces of cardboard. I took inspiration from Phyllida Barlow. Her ‘Siege’ , 2012 consists of painted crushed boxes stacked on top of each other. 115 more words


Tool works as advertised

I tore the rubber on the first one a little but I mastered it for the second one. Couldn’t get the rubber to stay to do the back window, going to need a second set of hands. 36 more words


The Missing Operating Systems

It took a little searching to confirm, but I knew I wasn’t imagining things. Some of the operating systems originally included in the NOOBS installation files are missing. 359 more words


everything changes

I’m looking for big change in my life. It started out with a natural progression of gratitude falling in line with summer: the blooms, blossoms and abundance of the seasons. 112 more words

Art Process