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Books, Books, Books!

I love books… all kinds of books but photography books in particular. I’m not really into “how to” photography books these days but I love books of photographers’ work. 389 more words

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Faux Dori Status: Organization Level Medium

So, as a lot of you probably know, Hannah @ So Obsessed With introduced all of us book bloggers to the joy that is faux doris back in March with this… 872 more words


Polaroid on the Streets - Chapter 2

As a street photographer, I am shooting with one of my Leica cameras (digital or film) about 98% of the time. Recently, I have started to carry a old Polaroid SX-70 camera with some Impossible Project black and white film just for a change of pace during a day full of shooting street candids and street portraits. 162 more words

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Buskers of Washington Square (NYC) Series -- Continued

Buskers are performers, most often musicians, who play for donations on the streets, in the parks and subways. Washington Square, in Greenwich Village and surrounded by the New York University campus, is home to many regular and itinerant buskers. 111 more words

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The House I Don't Remember

I moved out of the Home Sweet Home house not too long ago, and things have changed in that house since then. It’s not the way I remember it at all. 255 more words

Backlighting and Fill Flash Redux: Examples

I recently posted an short piece on the use of fill flash with my Polaroid cameras to pull detail out of a silhouetted/backlit subject. In that post I gave one example using my wife as the reluctant subject. 100 more words

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The Backyard Series

It is a beautiful day. Sunny, warm and temps that Impossible film can live with without getting all weird.

So once we returned from seeing the… 117 more words

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