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Get instant exposure feedback with Fujifilm Instant Camera

You know it’s a human being nature that we have a desire to know about the opinion of other people on what we do, wear, eat or visit. 242 more words


CC 1235 LECTURE 4: Factors affecting the tones of photos

Even when we use the same Polaroid, the outcome may look so different in a sense that the pictures have various tones. Some are yellowish and reddish, while some may have the blue toned. 424 more words

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Trips and Travels: Post #1

Good Evening!

I’ve just come back from a weekend getaway. Not to the beach, or to a private cabin, but from Atlanta, Georgia where my boyfriend and I met up with a couple good friends who live down there. 827 more words


Hey, a new instant camera is born!

When Polaroid stopped making instant film and cameras many years ago, an outfit called The Impossible Project surfaced with the express purpose of using some of the old Polaroid manufacturing equipment to make Polaroid-type instant film. 300 more words


The i-1 by Impossible

Yesterday, May 10th, the Impossible Project (a company that produces film for polaroid cameras) came out with their first camera, the i-1. When the Impossible Project first announced the release date of the camera and a sneak-peek of what it would look like, I was amazed by its unique figure. 153 more words

I-1"L'istantanea originale. Reinventata"

Impossible Project, gia’ noto per la riedizione delle pellicole istantanee per le Polaroid, ha annunciato la produzione della sua prima macchina fotografica: la I-1

Si tratta di una instant camera che unisce piacere nostalgico a design e tecnologia moderna. 128 more words




In lecture 2, we have discussed about a cleaning method for the Polaroid SX-70 cameras. After opening the film door, it is easy to see if the rollers are clean. 273 more words

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