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Polaroid ad: with the sweet the flavor of the 70's

This is an ad about the 70’s Polaroid  SX-70 with a film by the Eames Office. I find Polaroids revolutionary: even today instant cameras are so fun! 9 more words

Instant Camera

Polaroid magic

How can I explain it? There is something so simple and magical about a polaroid picture. I am obsessed.

I still love taking pictures with Polaroid film.

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Crowdsourcing Weekends: Coolest Clock, Prynt Camera Case, Flicks Boombox

This is Crowdsourcing Weekends! This post highlights three different crowdsourcing projects I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

Coolest Clock

They believe they could get a lot more from a clock than just the time.. 938 more words



Recent instant shot showing lack of teeth


Instant Film Is Fun!

After I had tried the Impossible Film on a vintage Polaroid camera a while ago and seeing the awful results was disheartening, because it turns out that I need to get a “frog tongue” installed on the polaroid camera and well, I ended up couldn’t be bothered and gave up. 455 more words


Google just got a patent for a modern Polaroid

It looks like it’s not just hipsters and Taylor Swift who are getting back into instant photos. Google was awarded a patent today (Jan. 20) for a handheld digital camera that can print out photos. 241 more words

Polaroid Land Model 95A

Edwin Land describes it as “the apocryphal story”: after taking photos while on vacation in 1943, his daughter asked him why she couldn’t see the photos right away. 172 more words