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Le Galet, Nice, France

The weekend of July 23rd, and after six months of training, it’s time for Andre’s IronMan!! We head out there on a Friday night and are there until Monday… with the big event happening on Sunday! 286 more words

Instant Gratification

Devaluing the Future

Imagine you and I are hanging out and I say, “I’ll either give you $10 right now, or $200 a year from now,” what do you think you’d say? 344 more words


All About Timing

“Life is all about timing…

the unreachable becomes reachable,

the unavailable become available,

the unattainable . . . attainable.

Have the patience, wait it out… 99 more words

Higher Power

The issue of instant gratification.

To begin with, what exactly is instant gratification?

It can be outlined as the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment. Basically, it’s like wanting a cookie 8:00 and getting one by 8:01. 665 more words


Golborne Deli, North Kensington

Up in my new favourite hood (Golborne Road) again for lunch, we tried a place that we had walked by tons of times but never tried. 232 more words

Instant Gratification

Now or Later?

Doing things without thinking about their consequences seems to be the trend nowadays. We tend to be impulsive and easily give in to temptations to get an immediate reward without thinking about our action’s long-term effect in our lives. 419 more words

Scandi smorgasboards for dinner

A light summer dinner on the terrace at home, we went for some smoked salmon and cured tuna, trimmings of cucumber, radish, and dill, with a nice squeeze of lemon juice. 22 more words

Instant Gratification