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REFLECTIONS: Instant Rewards Have Devastating Consequences

I get it!  People LOVE convenience.  They want a “quick fix”, an easy job, a conflict-free relationship, a simple workout, instant weight loss, 5 second energy boost, instant butt-lift/boob enhancement, quick access to the internet, the beach, the checkout-line! 982 more words

Artic Cafe, Val d'Isere, France

A three day weekend and we’re off to ski, this time in Val d’Isere! As luck would have it, someone picked up my suitcase at the airport, so I was without clothes the first day and didn’t get to ski… but the weather was pretty crappy, so it doesn’t sound like I missed much! 165 more words

Instant Gratification

Freakscene, Soho

Last night, my friend Giuliana and I tried out a new restaurant that had opened up a few weeks ago by a chef who had previously been at Kurobuta. 522 more words

Instant Gratification

Last Shall Be First

Mark 10:31

But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.

To be last, as it is used in this particular passage, means to be last in time, place or space. 300 more words

“I Can’t Believe It’s Already April”

Sometimes life slips away from us. I know this month I have heard the phrase “I can’t believe it’s already April” more times than I can count. 571 more words


Balcao da Esquina, Lisbon

The Sunday in Lisbon, we again found ourselves at the Time Out Market, but this time decided to sit down outside and enjoy the sunshine, as it was a rarely warm, sunny day in early February! 347 more words

Instant Gratification

Wealth Creation

I think I am going to lose the whole write-everyday-for-a-month for April. I will start up in May.

For now, I needed to get a few thoughts out. 1,083 more words