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I'm Gettin' too Old for This Shit - Happy Christmas (2014)

I can be into Mumblecore movies, depending on my mood. Today was a snow day, a slow day, and an alone day, so I was… 562 more words

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Jersey Girl: Ben Versus the Volcano

Netflix Suggested Viewing

Hollywood can be a pretty horrifying place when viewed objectively. It may be a contrived film cliche or something rooted in historical fact but the idea of ancient tribes of people elevating one of their own to the status of a living god, to be celebrated and lavished with gifts and luxury, only to be subsequently hurled into a volcano as a human sacrifice is an idea not completely outlandish to the tabloids and internet community in present day. 999 more words

Film Review

5 Must-See Asian Films on Netflix Instant Queue

After Oldboy, Ringu, and pretty much every Jackie Chan film dating back to the early ’80s, Asian cinema has won over audiences worldwide and shown that they mean just as much to the film industry as any American produced fare. 1,169 more words


Netflix Suggested Viewing- Mr. Nobody: All That I Am, All That I Ever Was

With a title like Mr. Nobody and Jared Leto’s androgynous handsome face staring out from the tile on Netflix, I wasn’t sure what this film had in store and upon viewing I feel that although the man himself is beautiful enough, this film deserves a more gorgeous title. 962 more words

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Netflix Suggested Viewing #8- Rescue Me: Everybody Here's Got Somebody To Lean On

The original intention of Netflix Suggested Viewing was to recommend a quick movie or a documentary to pass the time when you’re scrolling through the Instant Queue for a distraction but aren’t ready to commit to any one show. 1,559 more words


I decided to use this blog to share some of my flash fiction and free form poetry with you all. I have a few sitting in the queue so that I will have a steady stream of blogs for you. 141 more words


Netflix's "My List" Will Decide What You Want To Watch First With Instant Queue Revamp

So you think you know what you want to watch in your Instant Queue on Netflix, huh? Or maybe you added the fourth season of  323 more words