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'Toy journalist’: Politifact hack's not-so-extensive effort to contact National Review writer mercilessly mocked

@loujacobson: @KevinNR Sorry you didn't see my tweet yesterday morning…" << this convo is comedic gold XD

— Forward Observer Mag (@FWD_OBSERVER) February 25, 2015…

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Rachel Maddow plays 'female senators are better' gender card; Instapundit folds her hand with one question

On her show last night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported on a recent analysis of the U.S. Senate by the data website Quorum that alleges female Senators do a better job at governing and making deals than their male counterparts. 187 more words


NY Times Quietly Corrects Gail Collins' Incorrect Hit Piece on Scott Walker

In case you missed it… Over the weekend, Gail Collins of the New York Times wrote a hit piece about Scott Walker that was completely wrong. 108 more words


How The Left Will Attack Scott Walker And What Can Be Done About It

Scott Walker’s 2016 star is rising. This was Monday’s headline on Drudge…

Progressives have noticed and they’re already plotting to disqualify Walker. This can’t be ignored. 346 more words


Grandma was right

Bundle up or you’ll catch your death, grandmother used to say in the winter.

Mr. B. and his cronies prefer smug. And shorts and tee-shirts, whatever the temp. 105 more words


'GOP's Lena Dunham'? Instapundit serves up 'most disturbing mental image'

.@Instapundit posts his most disturbing mental image of the year… http://t.co/FmJ3vmRYGi

— Doug Winship (@dawinship) January 19, 2015

A column at Townhall written by Kurt Schlichter calls potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate “the GOP’s Lena Dunham.”

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Et Tu Charlie

Concerned that your favorite president chose not to go nor to send an emissary to the world leader march in Paris?

Why should he protest the slaying of something whose behavior he’d already condemned back in 2012 to the UN: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” 13 more words