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Instapundit has a question on how 'Jurassic World' made so much money

The fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, “Jurassic World,” had a monster, record-breaking opening weekend with an estimated $500 million in ticket sales…

'Jurassic World' sets box office record.

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Former Staffer For California Republican Admits to Lies That Ruined Campaign

Dear Republicans: choose your staffers well.

Carl DeMaio is a California Republican who had a chance to win a house seat in 2014. Even though the race was happening in blue California, it was one of the state’s more conservative districts. 809 more words


Instapundit offers possible explanation for public opinion about Obama's ISIS non-strategy

How’s public opinion panning out for the Obama administration and their ability to handle the ISIS threat (which is a notch or two below “climate change” 138 more words

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It's this simple! Instapundit sums up why Hillary 'can't run on her State Department record'

As the 2016 campaign wears on later this year and into next year, chances are Hillary Clinton won’t be bringing up a particular topic of discussion: 131 more words

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'Show the GOP who is the party of old, fat, white people': Instapundit mercilessly mocks Bernie Sanders event

Indeed. This is analysis you simply won’t find in the mainstream media.

About 600 came out to celebrate our campaign kickoff in Ames, Iowa! pic.twitter.com/NRBoYqTT1g…

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Nailed it! Instapundit helps craft the 'best argument against Hillary'

So, what’s the best argument against Hillary Clinton for president? There are so many, but here’s a starting point:

Best argument against Hillary: What would Bill do in the White House with all that time on his hands?

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