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No crisis here.

Instapundit host Glenn Reynolds has a great line:

I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis.

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Traditional Conservatives

Right over the target

Patrick Crozier, at Samizdata, bewails the action of Twitter in banning Instapundit:

…Reynolds is not a nutter. If they can ban him they can ban us all. 253 more words



When it comes to shutting the fuck up at the right time, conservatives have had it hard. Generally, they’re rude assholes with unpopular and controversial opinions. 617 more words

Twitter Suspends Instapundit

Glenn Reynolds joins Milo, Stacy McCain, and me (while my business account was restored, my personal account is still suspended as a result of false accusations from Brett Kimberlin). 83 more words

Political Correctness

The Source of Trump's Appeal

We hear all the time from the Democrat news media—which I know from more than 35 years professional experience includes most television and newspapers–that Trump is a bigot who is untrained and unrestrained and therefore too loosey-goosey to be president. 160 more words