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Instalanche for Nobility Among Us!

Checking my post-countdown sales figures to see if the final day’s momentum was being continued, I noticed an unusual (and very welcome) upturn in sales of Nobility Among Us yesterday and today. 158 more words


The murderer vs the clown

Much as I despise Andrew Sullivan, that crowd-following anti-Semite who’s played catcher far too long, his latest at least provides a springboard for chat—thanks to… 81 more words


Why doesn't this 28 year old manboy want to become respectable?

The Daily Mail has a new article about a 28 year old man who doesn’t want to grow up and start a family of his own.  512 more words


Why am I so much better than other men?

I already offered this as a comment at Instapundit, but since I don’t have a new real post to offer I thought I would put this up to at least allow for new discussion.   262 more words


Doing the job no American man would do.

When it comes to women pushing their way into the US military, Complementarians adopt the same posture the left does with illegal aliens.  Illegal aliens, we are told, aren’t forcing their way into our country and taking American jobs; they are merely undocumented workers forced to cross the border to do the jobs Americans won’t do.  250 more words

Ugly Feminists

I vote for scold

Scott Adams speculates on how Trump might rhetorically disarm Hillary.  He points out that the sexist card has already been tried and failed.  When Hillary called Trump sexist, Trump fired back that she was (in Adams’ words) “an enabler for her husband’s womanizing”.   807 more words

Aging Feminists

A looming problem all but ignored

Anyone who looks can see this disaster coming, but it’s getting next to zero attention in public policy discussions. That’s probably because government policies have created it, and no elected official wants to risk trying to address it. 46 more words