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OT: National Ammo Day

Instapundit is reminding readers that today is National Ammo Day.  Instapundit also noted yesterday that Obama is suggesting that he will spend his last year in office focused on gun control. 200 more words


At Mizzou it's all about powah

The protesters have it. The powah. Temporarily at least. Having ousted a university president. And they intend to hang onto it and remake the University of Missouri into Ferguson II. 173 more words


The Hoffman microcar

Proof positive that German engineering ain’t always the best.

The 1951 Hoffman micro with rear-wheel steering and a staggering six horsepower had everything imaginable wrong with it. 23 more words

Pol drinks from Pope's used water glass

The irreligious will find it “kinda weird” as Insty headlines what has turned into a commenter marathon on supernatural religion. And I suppose it is, up to a point. 65 more words


He's begging you; don't forget the beta bucks!

Yesterday Instapundit linked to a piece by Mark Judge titled
How Feminism Created the Manic Pixie Dream Boy.  Refreshingly, Judge isn’t jumping in with the standard Traditional Conservative complaint that weak men are screwing feminism up: 297 more words