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We need to focus on respect instead of fairness.

Instapundit has a link to an article on his wife’s book Men On Strike in a paper in Bermuda.  Together Instapundit and Dr. Helen are doing an incredible job of promoting conversations neither conservatives nor liberals want to have*.  968 more words

Traditional Conservatives

Weak men screwing Star Wars feminism up.

Spoiler Alert:  Don’t read any further if you want to avoid plot spoilers for the new Star Wars movie.

Mark Judge complains that weak men are screwing his Star Wars feminism up in… 645 more words


The fantasy of drafting women.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced today that all combat roles will be opened to women, with no exceptions.  This has lead to a reply from many conservatives that women should have been careful what they wished for, as now there is no longer any reason to exclude them from the draft. 651 more words

Ugly Feminists

OT: National Ammo Day

Instapundit is reminding readers that today is National Ammo Day.  Instapundit also noted yesterday that Obama is suggesting that he will spend his last year in office focused on gun control. 200 more words


At Mizzou it's all about powah

The protesters have it. The powah. Temporarily at least. Having ousted a university president. And they intend to hang onto it and remake the University of Missouri into Ferguson II. 173 more words