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Nixon erased 18 minutes; Hildabeast four years*

Of course she also has the snooze media on her side and he didn’t. Which makes all the difference in a country (ours) without much of an independent news media. 67 more words


Progressives Are Constitution Deniers

I find the left’s use of the term climate change denier extremely offensive. It’s obviously a thinly veiled attempt to suggest that anyone who disputes climate change is on par with someone who denies that the Holocaust took place. 164 more words


'Obama success story'! Yemen continues its 'rapid downward spiral'

Last month, the U.S. embassy in Yemen was shut down and over the weekend special ops evacuated the country. The security situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate: … 270 more words

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University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds weighs in on prosecutorial misconduct.

I previously posted on the subject here.


'Toy journalist’: Politifact hack's not-so-extensive effort to contact National Review writer mercilessly mocked

@loujacobson: @KevinNR Sorry you didn't see my tweet yesterday morning…" << this convo is comedic gold XD

— Forward Observer Mag (@FWD_OBSERVER) February 25, 2015…

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Rachel Maddow plays 'female senators are better' gender card; Instapundit folds her hand with one question

On her show last night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported on a recent analysis of the U.S. Senate by the data website Quorum that alleges female Senators do a better job at governing and making deals than their male counterparts. 187 more words


NY Times Quietly Corrects Gail Collins' Incorrect Hit Piece on Scott Walker

In case you missed it… Over the weekend, Gail Collins of the New York Times wrote a hit piece about Scott Walker that was completely wrong. 108 more words