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Glorious Feminist Progress!

Cane Caldo argues in The War Conservatives Never Knew They Lost:

It would be more true to say that those we call Liberals were fighting to occupy Conservatism, and that’s what they won.

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How to improve policing

Want to stop all the police killings and (apparently) retaliatory killings of police? The Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds has a solution. Even if it’s unlikely to be taken. 138 more words


'Shocking, if true': Oliver Willis whines about Ron Fournier daring to tweet an editorial questioning Hillary; Update: Fournier fires back

Another day, another Oliver Willis tantrum. This time it’s about Ron Fournier tweeting a Detroit News editorial that calls for a special prosecutor for the Hillary email scandal. 350 more words


Did Politico seriously say THIS? Instapundit notices something insane about its spin for Liar Lois Lerner

Suprisingly, that didn’t refer to Hillary Clinton. But what did spark it? This article from the lapdogs over at Politico:

When she was under investigation by Congress, Lois Lerner offered a blistering critique of her inquisitors…

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Already a classic, whatever Ma Barker actually manages to do with her Top Secret emails. The ones she hasn’t already destroyed. My favorite line: “”If she did that much yoga she wouldn’t need to wear pantsuits.”

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'Spelled 'persecuted' wrong': The Hill does 'one hell of a whitewash' about IRS' Tea Party targeting

This has to be the understatement of the day (so far):

Long-awaited Senate report reveals IRS severely mismanaged Tea Party groups http://t.co/3iQkaRcbPe pic.twitter.com/KZKfmYNsuq

— The Hill (@thehill) …

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New hope: Instapundit's reader poll 'looks closer to right' than other GOP voter surveys

I hope Instapundit readers are a reflection of the greater Republican demographic. https://t.co/Fpb1pUzqF2

— Cranky Gordon (@CrankyGordon) August 3, 2015

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds is conducting an online poll of his readers’ favorites among the GOP field.

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