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The coward's way out.

Kevin Williamson at National Review writes in Advice for Incels:

In the 1960s and 1970s, there were some social disruptions touching marriage and family life.

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He wipes his feet and eats what he is served.

Instapundit linked to a post by Dr. Helen titled How Have Men been Affected by Feminism?

The stories ranged from an immigrant from India who felt that “feminism was a cultural force that had the effect of dehumanizing me in a manner far more severe than the experience of racism”… to a man who was fired from his job due to baseless allegations.

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The Ruger Security 9

“This may be the perfect size for a belt-carried concealment pistol. It requires no more effort to conceal than a much smaller, less-powerful pistol, yet offers the firepower and shootability of a much larger gun.” 24 more words


The media loves mass shootings

Absolutely true. And not only mass shootings but any disaster from floods to tornadoes. “Because tragedy is their business model.”

Reason being they’re easy to cover and the coverage goes on for days, even weeks, filling the time or space that would otherwise have to be filled by creativity. 23 more words


The changing "thoughts and prayers" narrative from the left.

With the full court press by the left condemning figures on the right for offering “thoughts and prayers” for the victims of the Florida mass shooting, it is worth noting that at other times the left feels the only appropriate response to mass murder is thoughts and prayers. 918 more words


Waning pussy power.

Last January the symbol most closely associated with the Women’s March was a pink knit hat with ears, called the “pussy power hat”. The headline at Time’s Motto announced:  … 337 more words

Ugly Feminists