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It is rare

that I read something and agree with every word of it.  However, I agree with every word of this.


Instapundit sums up this devastating graph of income under Obama with just 2 snark-tastic words [photo]

Heh. So much for the summer … or summers … of recovery. Take a gander at this devastating graph showing income under Obama:

America's real median household income is lower than in 1996…

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Bee lives matter: Instapundit retweets the finest of Netroots; 'The bees are trying to warn us'

The most progressive of the progressive at Netroots Nation 2015 have provided conservatives with a great deal of entertainment today, not to mention made Bernie Sanders very cranky and Martin O’Malley¬†very apologetic. 500 more words


Was The South Ever Confederate, Anyway?

The old arguments over the Confederate battle flag (pride or racist symbol, or both), intensified after a photograph surfaced of a mass murderer in Charleston, South Carolina, holding one. 130 more words

Knoxville 1863

Instapundit has a question on how 'Jurassic World' made so much money

The fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, “Jurassic World,” had a monster, record-breaking opening weekend with an estimated $500 million in ticket sales…

'Jurassic World' sets box office record.

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Former Staffer For California Republican Admits to Lies That Ruined Campaign

Dear Republicans: choose your staffers well.

Carl DeMaio is a California Republican who had a chance to win a house seat in 2014. Even though the race was happening in blue California, it was one of the state’s more conservative districts. 809 more words