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Mad Dog's, Low's fangals?

Or maybe these women admire or are inspired by by Ah Lian, Mrs Chiam and Auntie Sylvia? Or put off by HoHoHo, Grace Fu and Jos Teo? 156 more words

Double confirm, TRE posters are morons

Based on findings by another researcher, Debbie Goh, who did a survey on personalised communication and the knowledge gap during GE 2015, she discovered that for voters aged 60 and above, the ones with below average online engagement had a higher mean knowledge score compared to those with above average engagement. 45 more words

Rating our public servants

A family of kids in the US traumatised by a police raid (the police came in with revolvers drawn thinking that there was a captive in the house: seems the police got a hoax call) 194 more words


30% keep on KPKBing-- Don't despair

Be brave and of good cheer. History is on yr side. PAP is doomed: by demographics and S’pore rising levelsw of education.

I’m not joking. 451 more words

Political Governance

Polly Mann: Drones, NATO, The Economy

We’re more than halfway through 2015 and how is it progressing? Here is just a sample of some stories, both good and not so good. 864 more words