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Hello World!

Hello everyone and Welcome to my blog!

I am a fourth year university student studying English and Professional Writing specializing in Institutional Communications. I will document varying lessons I have learned throughout my university career.  45 more words


Sewanee Keeps the Heat On the Tuition Cost Debate

Sewanee: The University of the South keeps on delivering. The January 17, 2012 New York Times Blog- The Choice  interview with Vice Chancellor,  Dr. John McCardell about the institutions tuition freeze on incoming students is just a reminder of how higher education can solve thorny problems. 37 more words

Higher Ed. Marketing

The REAL Value of a Higher Education Photographer

Viewbooks, search pieces, post cards, websites, billboards and whatever else I’ve neglected to list are the stock and trade of my work.  But it’s the Capital Campaign and the Casebook that carry the heavy lifting. 62 more words

Would You Like to Loose This?

Last week an external hard drive went bad.  It just stopped.  That darn thing only makes clicking sounds.  Reflexively my mind started to do the mental inventory dance.  264 more words

Admissions Marketing Photography

The Snakepit of Image Archiving

“There’s a consensus that as the ability to store more and more data , the data itself has become less and less reliable,”  Don Mennerich, an archivist at the New York Public Library. 367 more words

Admissions Marketing Photography

Here Come the Print Samples

This is a great time of year. I start getting copies of the projects I’ve worked on last year. It’s a thrill to see.  President’s Reports, Capital Campaign books, calendars and even a banner or two start popping up.   76 more words

Admissions Marketing Photography

Tradition and Admissions Marketing Photography

Thousands return to a small college to renew friendships.  The draw is tradition.  Mountain Weekend at Berry College unites multiple generations of graduates.  This is an event that is cherished by the institution and the alumni. 118 more words

Admissions Marketing Photography