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Liverpool Feasibility Study Published

Our Liverpool mindfulness course finally got published in BMC Pilot and Feasibility studies journal this April. Huge thanks go to Maria Panagioti from the University of Manchester, as well as to co-author Liz Cotzias. 199 more words


What Southern Baptists must do to fight clergy sex abuse [Opinion]

What Southern Baptists must do to fight clergy sex abuse
— Read on www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/amp/What-Southern-Baptists-must-do-to-fight-clergy-13961274.php


Organizations that have successfully escaped taking responsibility for their own history of systemic sexual abuse have typically employed numerous tactics of impression management to control the ways in which people view them.

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Who Has the Power, Retail or Institutional Investors?

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Power, Deception, and the Church

Christendom, like all institutions when threatened, tries to protect itself. There continues to be a lot of headlines about Christian leaders and Christian systems that look nothing like our Lord.

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#Growth potential in Indian Corporate #Bank

As my previous blog was based on a Indian Pharma company for investment in this blog we will discuss a banking stock which is in hot trend now Daily it has a different story like yesterday it had presented a huge quarterly loss, today rating agency downgrade rating and tomorrow we might heard that international agencies downgraded the stock… 374 more words