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Magic: Disillusion

Hello again, these past few days I’ve been in a strange mental state, with anxiety from exams pressing on my back, but also counteracted by a sort of carefree, flamboyant behavior. 567 more words



We live in a sea of institutional facts… I get up in the morning in a house jointly owned by me and my wife. I drive to do my…

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Collective Intention

Inconvenient Objects Developed

In terms of pursuing the inconvenient objects and people becoming empowered through the experience of the object, I decided to follow through with this in the hope that people would claim the objects, over time if this object should become a burden, they then go through a secondary phase of empowerment, almost catharsis, where they must accept and let go of the object, either my leaving it somewhere or destroying it. 37 more words

Aiming for meaning beyond words: an ideological approach to fact

What follows is nothing particularly new, but I think sometimes it is worth restating.

There are lots of different ways of looking at historical and political events, and they are useful for different reasons. 892 more words

Interruption - Intervention - Studios

After some less successful experiments last term I decided to take a more personal, political and direct approach to the theme of artwork in the institution. 271 more words


Silk Mill Collaboration

My piece created a block or a barrier, which meant that to get to the end of the tunnel, and back out again, one would have to crouch and push their body against the crumbling wall. 281 more words