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Yue, Luo & Ingram (2013). The Failure of Private Regulation: Elite Control and Market Crises in the Manhattan Banking Industry


Lori Qingyuan Yue – USC Marshall School of Business

Jiao Luo – Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Paul Ingram – Columbia Business School… 1,656 more words


Institutional Via Internet

Concept of institutionalized values and institutionalization processes, developed in Organizational Behaviour. A explanation or justification for conformity, at least in appearance. Issue now being how institutionalized values might change, over time. 307 more words

Organizational Behaviour

Mini-Conference on the Nobel-Laureates of 2016

Economic Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences led by Prof. Laszlo Muraközy are organizing a mini-conference in honour of the Nobel-laureates of 2016, Prof. Oliver Hart and Prof. 122 more words


Some Methodological Aspects of the Institutional-Mainstream Debate

As for the conclusions to be elaborated it is necessary to call attention to an important distinction. Even though both institutional economics and the main stream apply ideal-types, these concepts have different ontological status in each system. 1,515 more words


Ass Chewing: It Leaves A Bitter Aftertaste.

If your job is to land jets on an aircraft carrier, it’s assumed that you are good at it.  That’s why you get a paycheck. 336 more words


Lumpen versus loose: but what of lumpoose?

As is so often the case for a mind slowing down, things only acquire full sense and meaning after a fashion and only when made sensible and meaningful by attention to other things in parallel. 1,478 more words


Keynes on Newton

This story is about an institutional economist writing about a scientist seeking laws.

Nobel-laureate Steven Weinberg in his “To Explain the World” (Harper Collins, New York, 2015) tells an interesting story about Keynes and Newton (Ch. 343 more words