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Why a bottom-up transformation can make Kenya better

Since I live in the diaspora, I constantly make a conscious effort not to meddle in the affairs of the motherland unless called upon by fellow… 1,324 more words


Discriminated at birth

Women have been made to walk the rocky road

They have constantly been reminded of their dearth

By the diabolic patriarchal code… 140 more words


We are All Babies

We are all babies and everything we think is real is just a game. Capitalism is game, war is a game, government is a game, family life is a game, Hollywood is a game.  133 more words


Terror in Charleston

Terror in Charleston
What can we say to console the survivors and the victims of the murders in Charleston? Sadly, I think nothing can be written or said that reduces their pain and suffering. 685 more words



When I was a prison chaplain, one of the offensive things one inmate would say to another was “you’ve been institutionalized.” It was also an anxiety, inmates would seek counseling afraid they had become “institutionalized.” 995 more words


In The Name of Art

In these works, I have presented a dichotomy that challenges the perception of the untouchable object, the work of art. By failing to interact, by not touching, by not intervening and not ‘ruining’ the artwork, we not only devalue the lives of the performers and the value of that which is outside the artwork, but we also devalue ourselves. 41 more words