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Ivan Illich

Ivan Illich, born on the 4th September 1926 in Vienna, Austria, died on 2nd December 2002, in Bremen, Germany, was a theologian, philosopher, social critic and a Roman Catholic priest. 1,220 more words

Addressing Public Health: Japan’s Constitutional Monarchy vs. Philippines’ Constitutional Republic


This research tackles how Japan and the Philippines, with their forms of government, namely Constitutional Monarchy and Republic, are efficient in addressing the current pandemic, COVID-19. 6,587 more words

Just an average guy

You know you’re a nation whose aspirations are in steep decline, when your best hope – days before your most consequential election in history – is being called “an average Irish guy…a good-looking guy with a gift of gab.” 714 more words


Inhabited institutionalism

I just came across the idea of inhabited institutionalism and I find it extremely compelling. Here’s an overview from a paper by Tim Hallett and Emily Meanwell… 357 more words

Platform And Agency

Take the Good News to your temple

The religious elites jailed the apostles for telling the truth about Jesus at the Temple.

But an angel of the Lord came at night, opened the gates of the jail, and brought them out. 236 more words

Abundant Life

The Property of "Whiteness"

This set of prose was especially interesting to me as I had never read an article where the idea of privilege and institutionalism was directly related to the property of citizens, also known as “whiteness”. 322 more words

U.S. Constittuion And Harris