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Chronicle IV: April to June 2016

I am, slowly, increasing the speed at which I move through my backlog on this blog, but I’m still not quite at real-time speed… Still, the perspective of retrospection is often valuable and I make sure you hear about up-to-the-minute stuff one way or another, right? 1,763 more words


A Question of Belonging

I’ve been thinking about DIY MFAs these days, an idea I first encountered in a book of the same name by Gabriela Pereira.

I did get an MFA, but I never finished it, migrating to another country just before the thesis stage. 711 more words


Impact of Chinese credit ratings

The fact that China often considers many economic structures of the global financial system to be discriminatory is no longer news. What is worth noting… 23 more words

The situational geography of everyday life

From Zizi Papacharissi’s A Private Sphere pg 68:

Meyrowitz (1986) described this as the ability of electronic media to remove, or at least rearrange, boundaries between public and private spaces, affecting our lives not so much through content, but rather “by changing the ‘situational geography’ of social life” (p.

116 more words

The new Bauhaus Museum and the critical role of the cultural institution

Back in 2002, my colleagues and I dropped everything and spent two weeks filling sandbags to help protect a small German town from the highest floodwaters it had seen in a hundred years. 1,606 more words


Possibly Controversial! A Question About Marriage

Ask Adam – As a married person would you get married again given your time over?

PART 1 – Why Marriage is Convenient for Social Control. 2,359 more words


Life under communism was shorter, poorer and dirtier than in the west

Spoiler: Communist leaders promised people in their countries to build socialist paradises. But life in the Soviet Union and its satellite states were miserable. People were poorer and did not live as long as people in the west. 2,770 more words

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