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Une journée dans le quartier européen à Bruxelles.

Étant en première année d’une licence européenne de science politique, mon école a organisé ce jeudi 23 mars une journée à Bruxelles, capitale européenne, pour visiter la Commission Européenne et le Parlement Européen. 551 more words

Mental hospitals

I really don’t like mental hospitals. Today I went to a clinical at a mental hospital and the patients all look so sedated, miserable, and bored. 225 more words

Institutions and Uneven Regional Economic Development

Robert Huggins and Piers Thompson outline the mechanisms underlying regional economic growth and competitiveness, in particular the role of institutions within these processes. 1,236 more words

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What Do India And Turkey Have In Common?

India is frequently described as the world’s largest democracy, thus leaving the impression that the country has nothing in common with a place like Turkey. 32 more words


Section B: Institutions and Audiences

Here is a mindmap showing the content of the institutions and audiences section of our exam in Summer…

Institutions And Audiences

Another thought on defence

I have written a lot on defence, some technical, some strategic, some practical, some, even, a little bit passionate, but I always keep in mind one thing (which is about the Army but applies, equally to “ 426 more words

Conservative Policies And Platform

That 800 pound gorilla, again

Take a look at this graphic:

… nearly 40¢ of every dollar spent in Ontario in 2016/17 is for health care. The other 61.2¢ must cover everything else: roads, the environment, the OPP, salaries, interest on the debt and… 1,037 more words

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