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Ageing in institutions: Choices and challenges

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: The social well-being of elderly residents under institutional care and a lack of alternatives to nursing homes were issues that came into focus recently, when the Ministry of Health (MOH) responded to a… 1,189 more words

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Getting ready ...

It appears, according to an article in iPolitcs, that some smart, responsible people in the defence staff are getting ready for the inevitable: “ 602 more words

Foreign Policy

The long lasting effects of trade

In The Long Process of Development: Building Markets and States in Pre-industrial England, Spain and their Colonies, my co-author and I show that smugglers in New Spain (current Mexico plus much more) conducted virtually all trade with Europe in the 1600s, including much of the exportation of silver.   412 more words

Five Institutions that Have Access to your Credit Rating in Kenya

Credit referencing hit Kenya just the other day and with a big bang. Mention CRB (Credit Referencing Bureau) anywhere and notice all ears pricked. It affects everyone who needs to access loans.

“Private Property” and the Dakota Access Pipeline

Since the announcement of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in 2014, which was planned by Energy Transfer Partners for the transport and access of the Bakken oil fields, it has gained traction as a controversial initiative because of its environmental impact, the threat it poses to water supply and its effect on Native American sacred lands. 1,859 more words


Institution dump

This post’s content is going to be very similar to the developmental one preceding it, so I won’t belabor it with unnecessary details. I appreciate that this is uncharacteristic of the approach to sharing which you’ve come to know and love over the few short minutes you’ve been reading a fake newspaper. 2,059 more words

Middle East


It is the people, the children, who suffer for the inability of those with vested interests in Syria to resolve their issues peacefully, democratically. The world weeps, for a nation’s decimation but more for the warring parties’ total loss of soul. 27 more words