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A Community for Naturalists · iNaturalist.ca

iNaturalist.ca is a social network for naturalists! Record your observations of plants and animals,share them with friends and researchers, and learn about the natural world. 7 more words


Reexamining the Case for Trade

My latest working paper reexamines the case for international trade.  Here is the abstract:

Since the time of Adam Smith, high tariffs have been decried by economists as counterproductive to a country’s economic growth.

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Producing military officers

I have commented, before, about the need to get the foundation (base) of the military’s leadership pyramid right and I made some suggestions about, especially, the non-commissioned officer ranks and the rank and trade structure. 1,347 more words

Defence Policy

Physics Comes From Φύσις

by Tommaso Dorigo

This week I am in Pisa, where I have spent three days to discuss the status and the funding of accelerator-based experiments within the “first national scientific committee” of INFN. 514 more words


Just this once, I agree ...

… wholeheartedly with the Toronto Star which says in an editorial headlined “An Ontario court has just affirmed that cultural norms that excuse violence have no place here . 566 more words

Liberalism And Values

The Old Daycare Center (2014)

Dozens of kids used to run around here, but now these rooms and halls are empty and quiet. It’s said that the building was evacuated due to toxins in the air, and as far as we understand it, it is going to be torn down and replaced. 22 more words


Institutions of the 21st Century

Bitcoin has done more than to just introduce cryptographic and economic innovations. Bitcoin has encouraged an entire generation to re-learn money and social communication from… 1,590 more words