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Tenacity of Character

The ultimate resolution of a sadhaka in the achievement of his Prayojana is determined by his character. This includes both his inner mood of service as well as his external demeanour. 750 more words


the donald and the mule

In the 1950s, Isaac Asimov wrote a series of books called The Foundation Series. The plot is simple and fascinating. Far in the future, civilization is collapsing, Roman Empire style. 322 more words


More job cuts loom for financial firms

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Job cuts, retrenchment and attrition are the words to look out for when it comes to financial institutions these days.

There have been savage staff cutbacks across the industry in recent months, with Tudor Investment, a hedge fund founded by billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, the latest to wield the axe, with news that it has closed its Singapore trading desk as part of a global shake-up, said Bloomberg. 463 more words

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It's Time to Have an Uncomfortable Coversation With You

I wish there were a way I could talk to you. Somehow skirt around all the buzzwords and inflammatory memes. Avoid the phrases that cause you to relegate real events to political discussions, instead of arousing your sleeping sense of indignity at what is crushing the soul of our country and our humanity.  971 more words


Literature Review: History and Role of the Institution of American Police

Original title: Privatization and the Police – A Historically Private Institution

(Original written October 2014)


The police historically have, and continue to, serve private or personal interests in tandem with cultural values of individualism and economic values of capitalism; this, in synergy with hegemonic masculinity deriving from a historically patriarchal perspective, has created the police-state conditions we endure today. 4,087 more words


Book review: Europe, Anyone? The 'Communication Deficit' of the European Union Revisited

What is the best way to share information about the European Union’s institutions and activities with a diverse, diffuse and often uninterested public? This question, regularly posed over the past few decades, has in recent years come to be asked with ever increasing desperation. 856 more words