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Insta-travel lusting

Whirling away the long hours in the office can intensify your urge to travel. We can all relate to those dismal desk days, whether woefully concealed in the corner of a university library or surrounded by the hectic sound of ringing phones and idle work chatter in the office. 995 more words


Instagram adds new sticker slider emoji poll for stories

It’s a sticker that story posters can put on photos or videos, and allows their followers to answer questions using an emoji that slides along a scale. 135 more words

Social Media


We all need our daily fix of fluffy puppies or cute kittens, we need to keep up to date with memes and let’s not forget #travelgoals #foodporn etc. 625 more words



Validation. At some point in our lives, we seek it. Validation has taken an interesting approach, particularly when it comes to trends and social media. All the fun things that people claim to avoid. 582 more words


More Island Attraction

Backpacking across Australia is like an Olympic sport; a race against time to experience it all before the finish line bursts into sudden view and you’re sauntering through customs again clutching your passport. 812 more words


Character Counts, They Count on Social Media

Ever wonder what the ideal length of your Tweet should be? How about that Facebook or LinkedIn post you’re trying to promote?

The length of your social media posts can improve the likelihood that people will read or engage with your post… If people stick around long enough to read them. 299 more words