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Global InterGold experience: 7 tips for effective promotion in social networks

In the age of technology promotion in social networks can be considered not an advantage, but a must. How to promote your business successfully? Learn the example of Global InterGold. 306 more words

Gold Market

Class Report: ENGL 1213 at NOC, Final Exam

The section met as scheduled, at 1400 in North Classroom Building Room 311. The roster listed six students enrolled, a reduction of one since the previous class meeting… 35 more words


I wouldn't be disappointed if I weren't working so hard

I taught a class today that didn’t go well. Actually, it went pretty badly.

I tried to engage in a discussion with my students that required critical thinking about statistics in the media, and they mostly didn’t engage with me. 394 more words


Create step by step

Dear Fellow Crafters,

When I was a young girl, I had a doll house. It had real wallpaper and fabric curtains and electric lights! My Grandfather had made it for my Mom and she had saved it for me. 177 more words


Recovery Tip For This Week

Tip for this week . . . . Be Open to Godly Counsel.                                           

Everyone who is in recovery mode already has some protocol he/she must follow when it comes to adding disciplines and structure into their lives where there was none. 216 more words


Some info on energisers

Things to consider when using Energisers

✔Try to use energisers frequently during a workshop or

meeting, whenever people look sleepy or tired or to

create a natural break between activities. 162 more words

Group Activity


It has been said, although I would hardly claim this as an absolute fact, that a person only will need to read a year’s worth of my blog posts to learn, as much, or more than any traditional four year program at Harvard University or Trinity College in Cambridge.   1,767 more words