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Logo/title design Review

Before and after design:

Logo Design Before:

Logo Design After:

The before design and logo/title review made me think about making the title clean which will be timeless and easy to understand.

Instructional Design

Interactive Design

Interactive Design

Interactive design is a design that engages with the audience. It is a two-way design between the audience and the website. For example, it can be a website that has games or quiz ad the interaction between the user and the game makes the website interactive because the user is interacting with it. 197 more words

Graphic Design

Learning from a Project “Post-mortem”

A project that I worked on in the past that had some undesirable outcomes was putting in an in-ground pool in our backyard. We hired a landscaper to plan out the design and layout of the pool, pool deck/patio, pool shed, and surrounding area to ensure a successful result. 794 more words

Instructional Design

Experts and eLearning Ecosystems

The term “elearning ecosystem” appears more and more frequently in eLearning writings. As a leader in eLearning, I like this metaphor—not because it’s scientifically-based and sounds cool (although it is and it does), but because I find the metaphor reflects some foundational changes influencing eLearning instructional design. 1,837 more words


Do People Need to Learn, or Can They Look It All Up?

I have been part of several discussions recently that questioned the value of creating courses and delivering formal training. There’s a perception among some people (including some L&D folks) that as long as you have Google and a good network of resources that you can look up anything you need. 948 more words


Developing High-Quality Feedback

According to Hattie and Timperley (2007), feedback is information provided by someone (e.g., a teacher, a peer) or something (e.g., a textbook, experience) about aspects of one’s performance or understanding.  634 more words