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Ongoing Research into the use of video in learning environments.

Roy Pea was one of the first researchers I cited in my PhD dissertation. Still have lots in common.

Video Analysis Tools and Techniques
Roy D.

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Digital Media Object

Professional Development Workshop in Denver

I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of this event. It was one of the best learning experiences of my career and it confirmed my passion for designing high quality professional development opportunities. 171 more words

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Helpful journals on brain science

For our second assignment this week, we were asked to select two journals and/or websites related to brain science and review them on our blogs. As a former scientist, I decided to explore some scientific journals in the area of educational psychology and instructional design so that I can get information that I can be relatively sure is creditable, rather than relying on websites which can have variable accuracy. 524 more words

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Instructional Design Team to the Rescue!

Have you noticed the dark cloud in the corner of your office? That agent of doom that keeps saying: “blended instruction is just a phase,” “you don’t have time and resources to get started with blended,” or “what’s the big deal about blended anyway?” 307 more words


The Siren Call of the Shiny

In education we are consistently pulled by the “shiny.”  In addition I believe the public and educational administrators are even more strongly attracted to the siren call of the “shiny,”  and demand that educators do the same – putting even more pressure on educators to develop what feels like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)- an inability to stay focused on any one “shiny” for an extended period of time. 456 more words


Colorful Colorado Summer

For my Producing Media for Learning course, we were tasked to produce a 2 minute video that imitates a video that we like. I’ve always loved time lapse videos. 46 more words

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Flow...then crash into the LO wall

I’ve enjoyed a few video games. Some of those games, like the King’s Quest series and the Myst series, were purely for entertainment. I spent many enjoyable hours on them. 532 more words