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Authentic Oral Communication in FSL - Part 2 of Ontario FSL Curriculum Transition Series

So my second (and very long overdue…) post in my series about the new FSL curriculum will address the enduring idea of Authentic Oral Communication: Reception, Production, and Interaction… 817 more words

Standard 5: Establish a culturally inclusive learning climate that facilitates academic engagement and success for all

My Initial Understanding/Self Reflection:

As a culturally responsive teacher, I recognize the celebration of a variety of student holidays as a way to educate my students about different experiences. 1,025 more words

Engaging The School Community

Goal-Setting, Reflection, and Metacognition in FSL - Part 1 of Ontario FSL Curriculum Transition Series

For the first official post in my blog series about transitioning to Ontario’s new FSL curriculum in my classroom, I begin with some context. I have been teaching in a secondary French Immersion program for almost three years. 778 more words

Blog Series - Transitioning to Ontario's new FSL Curriculum

Last month, I presented at my school’s School Council Meeting, and it was a new and interesting experience for me. Our principal has initiated the practice of inviting a different teacher each month to present to parents what they have been learning and working on. 274 more words

One Word for 2015 - Creativity #oneword

So I’m definitely a little late to the game (if I can call it that without trivializing the conversation), but tonight I feel inspired to craft my #oneword blog post. 324 more words

Collaborative Inquiry - Reflections on my Sixth Session of Leadership 1

For once, I’m actually completing a timely reflection blog post, as sessions 6 just occurred this afternoon/evening! Tonight’s session was radically different for me from Session 5 on Leading Change. 376 more words

Access for Every Child at GSIS

Every year GSIS takes steps forward, improving student learning.  This year every single GSIS student in grades Pre-K to 12 has at least one dedicated device to support their learning.   448 more words

Technology Integration