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Teach with games and Learn from them

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Everyone loves games. I teach programming to adults and use some popular games, some of them are even intended for kids such as  … 370 more words

Instructional Strategies

Confirmation Bias: Avoid and Teach How to Avoid

Published by Practical Psychology, July 10, 2016

Confirmation bias is defined as the “tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions” (Science Daily, n.d.). 672 more words

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Taxonomy of Significant Learning

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Fink’s  Significant Taxonomy of significant learning can be seen as a successor to the well-known Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. 386 more words

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Students Evaluate Their Reasoning Using Universal Intellectual standards

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Paul-Elder framework (2001) has three components intellectual standards, elements of thought and intellectual traits. My personal interpretation for the figure above (University of LouiseVille, n.d.) is that the three components are placed in the form of a formula where the latter is the desired output obtained from the integration of the subsequent inputs. 575 more words

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Multiple Intelligences and Classroom Activities

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Intelligence was thought of as an unchanged cognitive capacity people are born with and was traditionally measured using the popular I.Q. 383 more words

Instructional Strategies

A History Teaching Toolbox: Your next must read

Part of what I get to do is spend time browsing the Interwebs finding tools and resources that would be useful for history and social studies teachers. 388 more words


Four Things Educators Should Know About Effective Questions

I had an intensive week learning about effective questioning techniques in the discussion forum facilitated by my colleague Marla Becking in PIDP3250. In this post, I will provide a summary of what I learned and I will focus on what I consider the four most important basic things every educators should be thinking of before posing questions. 375 more words

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