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Questions to Ask Oneself While Designing Learning Activities

I absolutely love planning lessons from scratch.  I just got a job teaching technology units for a summer camp for elementary age students. I can design and teach whatever I want – planning for a different theme each week. 203 more words


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These questions for designing learner activities don't mention peace but actually align well with methods of peace education. What would answering these questions look like in your language learning classroom?

Student Engagement -Everyone loves a good argument

Do you want to get students excited about what they read? Do you want them to identify textual support for their argument? Do you want them to synthesize information from different sources? 110 more words


Let's flip out ...Easy ways to flip direct instructon so students can apply knowledge in class

Recently there has been a big push for student centered learning activities. I have always structured my classroom in a way that supports students being actively engaged in the material. 191 more words


How Academic Risk-Taking Dies in the Classroom

Picture a baby. A fresh one. Straight out of the womb. It’s probably making a bunch of noise. It’s probably gross looking (let’s be honest: this whole “cute newborn” thing is a myth). 891 more words


Writers' Moves (and how they move writers)

When I started teaching I really struggled to help students understand that writers use certain words, phrases or structure in their writing either to be aesthetically significant or purposeful in meeting a writer’s purpose. 450 more words


Taming the Beast: ELLS and the Five-Paragraph Theme

The question came from an English teacher at the conclusion of an after-school workshop I’d conducted at one of the high schools I serve: Why do my ELL students have trouble writing essays in English (besides having a limited vocabulary)? 1,362 more words

English Language Arts

CTE & Citizenship

High School is one of the last steps before adulthood, and is one of the last “safe places” for young adults to learn the lesson’s they need to navigate the consequences of their choices. 672 more words