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Social Networking in Classroom

                                                                                             Image Obtained from Pixabay.com

In a one-day workshop I attended few months ago about educational technology, a field I have a personal interest to know more about. 397 more words

Instructional Strategies

Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Classroom Rules, Published by keldance7 2015, August 25.

I believe there are two measures to deal with students’ disruptive behaviors Prevention and responsiveness. For prevention, I follow six well-known guidelines in attempt to avoid disruptive classroom behavior: 487 more words

Instructional Strategies

Slight Modifications In Our Strategies Can Make A Whole Difference For Introverts

The power of introverts | Susan Cain Published on Mar 2, 2012

Watching Susan Cain’s video raised my awareness of the physiological differences between the introverted and extroverted brains and how this difference can influence students’ learning.  664 more words

Instructional Strategies

Free Webinar: Quarter 1 Q&A

Can you believe it?  The first quarter of the school year is already coming to a close!  This upcoming webinar is all about reflecting on what we’ve done so far in the classroom, and inspiring what we have left to do! 270 more words


Be Prepared To GroupWork Conflicts

Group Work in the College Classroom published by University of Colorado Boulder,July 23, 2011

Group work is essential to develop skills mandatory in programming field. It provides the capacity to complete complex and detailed projects, it exposes students to greater variety of perspectives and increase their ability to break down tasks into sequential stages. 575 more words

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How I got rid of my authority?

The revolution of self-directed learning | Sean Bengry | TEDxFlourCity 

I belong to the old teaching school, I was sage of the stage for a decade of my teaching journey. 402 more words

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Reflective Practice: Develop Our Teaching Practice By Ourselves

Reflective Practice ,Vicky Tsiantis, Published on Feb 4, 2016.

Reflective practice implies that we intentionally pause and think about our practices, consciously analyze our decisions, determine what is meaningful and why, which will in turn help us learn from our experience. 349 more words

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