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Week 12 Article Annotation

Richards, D., Taylor, M. (2015) A comparison of learning gains when using a 2D simulation tool versus a 3D virtual world: an experiment to find the right representation involving the marginal value theorem. 578 more words

Memory Matrix-CAT

Getting information on student understanding takes place throughout the length of the course in many different assessment processes. We all have lessons that we know create confusion or are a little more difficult for students to grasp. 254 more words

Instructional Strategies

ANTS! Quick – get the RAID

No matter what course you are teaching, often the positive or negative attitude which is integral to one’s thinking about the course can inhibit or enhance the quality and performance of the learning process. 528 more words

Instructional Strategies

Using CATs to Assess Learning and Adjust Instruction

Before and After Muddiest Points:

As much as we don’t like to admit it, there are many times that content that seems perfectly clear to the instructor is as “clear as mud” to the student. 173 more words

Instructional Strategies

Nursing helping students understand politics

One of the topics covered in the nursing management class is politics in nursing. In the past the class was lectured on the topic and then had to identify a bill and write a letter to their representative. 271 more words

Instructional Strategies

Sheila Ruh Presents at the IRC

Sheila Ruh, Media Specialist at WJHS, recently presented at the Illinois Reading Council Conference in Peoria. Sheila teamed with a peer (from another district) to present best practice in teaching and learning with technology. 127 more words

Adjusting to student feedback

Feedback from students is important to make sure that they understand information presented in a way that makes sense to them.  While we may feel the best way to present a topic is a certain way they may not understand the information and need it presented in an alternative way.   185 more words

Instructional Strategies