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Food for Thought on Successful Communication and Conflict Resolution

Always remember:  Don’t allow personal attacks AND don’t personalize remarks.  This can be very challenging as everyone’s first response to “personalize” the situation.  A key tool in any learning environment is successful and respectful interaction with learners (and the work / team environment too!!!).  163 more words

Instructional Strategies

How do we design our Math Class?

I have been doing a lot of reflecting about math. As a student myself, I have also been doing some research about types of math class situations, and considering what kinds of questions we need to ask to help students develop conceptual knowledge. 437 more words

Big Ideas In Education

iLearn, You Learn, We all Learn!

This Tuesday I will be presenting digital breakouts as part of an iLearn for teachers at the high school.

First, a little about iLearns for those of you who may be unaware of the concept. 226 more words


What Continent Do You Think They Are From? Drawing Humans to Reveal Internalized Bias

When teaching geography (and every subject) we need diverse voices. We need to push back against dominant narratives that amplify some perspectives (usually of those in power) and erase or ignore others. 1,045 more words


Three Ways to Teach Civil Rights Through Geography

As we dive into Geography Awareness Week, I start with the reminder to all social studies teachers: social studies is more than just history. It’s economics, psychology, civics, and most importantly (yes, I’m biased) GEOGRAPHY.  805 more words


A Few New Strategies I'm Excited to Try

I’m always looking for ways to improve my teaching. This past week, I’ve identified a few new ideas that I’m excited to try out in the classroom. 395 more words


Simple and Effective Ways to Check for Understanding

Checks for understanding or CFU’s for short (no disrespect intended), are a critical part of the teaching and learning transaction between teacher and student. The teacher and student have entered into a contract with one another. 980 more words

Instructional Strategies