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Spaced Practice Reminders for Optimal Learning Retention

The “forgetting curve” is a familiar topic for training directors – the idea that over time information is lost when there is no attempt to retain it. 463 more words


Gamification Notes from Karl Kapp, Atsusi Hirumi, Bob Appelman, Lloyd Rieber, and Richard Van Eck

More mindset and learning strategy then technologies. Gamification, is a design sensibility.

We all have past experiences with games. From athletic games, to board games, to computer games. 694 more words


Quick Paragraph on Microlearning

Microlearning is an activity defined by presenting small units of information lessons to provide content that is focused on a particular problem, solution or objective. As adults we are surrounded daily by this type of learning, learning in short focused bursts of information. 43 more words


Engagement: Push to Action Plans

Action Plan

Action plans are developed within the elearning course. The learner engages with polling and/or reflective questions listing the actions, items, or processes to achieve a goal or purpose and pushed to SMS/email reminders and/or printable document to be used following the course to reinforce learning through application.  36 more words


Engagement: Reflective Questions

Within elearning courses consider inserting reflective questions to prompt learner engagement by allowing time to pause and consider. 

Reflective questions are designed to elicit responses to help learners explore and synthesize their knowledge. 71 more words


Engagement: Polling

Posing a question, gathering responses, and displaying group responses a form of questioning that has a long history as an engagement technique found in face to face classes. 94 more words


Tools for creating digital learning portfolio

A review of several educational web tools and mobile apps that allow students to create and share digital portfolios.



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