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Stopping Entitlement & The Arbitrary Security

This is one of those posts that I may regret writing in a few months. It is more of a plan than a post, and a plan I intend to sell with significant confidence. 891 more words

Tech Integration

Teaching Coding to Middle Schoolers: Week 4

If these blog posts are convoluted and lacking a solid structure, it’s because that’s how it feels to teach for the first time! Just trying to boil down all that’s out there so the little ones can digest. 863 more words


Technology is not Cheating

I have heard in meetings teachers lament the use of online dictionaries (amongst other technologies). Why? Because then students will never know how to use a real dictionary. 256 more words

Guin Shaw

YAY Blogging!!!!!

Hey everyone I’m Kristin “Kriss” Robert-Martin.

I”m majoring in Elementary Education and this is my first stab at blogging.

I started this blog for my Instructional Technology class, and I’m thinking that I might keep it even after I ace the class. 299 more words

First Post

8 Things I Learned About Teaching with #OpenBadges

In September of 2014, I decided to embark on a a teaching odyssey of sorts. I went on a mission to learn about how to use (and teach about) open digital badges in the classroom. 917 more words

Educational Technology

Teaching Coding to Middle Schoolers: Week 3

We’ve now completed week 3 of our coding class. During this week, we spend the first class going over variables and how to manipulate them. I tried to get into functions but I was far from prepared to explain it. 1,209 more words


3 Surefire Resources That Will Make You Pronounce English Better and Faster

American English is one of the most popular and sought-after dialects among ESL learners. Many students who start learning English in high school or college usually sing the blues because they can’t pronounce English properly.  264 more words