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Setting Your Own Pace

On the last blog post, I covered the students want for teachers to “explain it, don’t just assign it” by teaching to students learning styles.  Another way to explain things better to your students in class is to allow students to work at their own pace or give them a place to re-visit the lesson or material.   461 more words

How Dirty is Your Data?

By Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato

My basic rule for data is, unless there is a life and death scenario unfolding, bad or unclean data is not going to be used. 135 more words

Educational Technology

Ed Tech PLCs on Padlet

Padlet is an online bulletin/discussion board that can be used as virtual poster paper and Post-It notes. It’s a great tool for collaborative discussion.

And now it’s a tool you can use as a professional learning community for instructional technology. 125 more words


No Pressure: Let teachers come to tech on their own

You may have seen this video at some professional development on enacting a new policy or strategy, but I like it, and the idea behind the video’s central message pertains to today’s post. 604 more words


Problem Solving with Technology: A List of Topics and Standards

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Core Concepts and Definitions

Digital Native is a term that refers to children who have been born after the advent of the modern personal computer and affordable personal laptop. 71 more words

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School administrators are often faced with complex decisions about curriculum, assessment, and the oversight of both. 100 more words

Tech Integration