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Vray Licensed Instructor (VLI)

About six months ago I took the exam to become a Vray Licensed Instructor, and succeded :)

And here a complete list of the instructors for version 3.0… 9 more words

Personal Work

About Emily Miller

Emily Miller’s first introduction to yoga was in 1996, at the urging of a good friend, who was at the time teaching yoga in a small victorian home in her hometown of DeKalb, IL. 230 more words


When I grow up I want to be a Cowgirl

I have to tell you this little story, when my daughter was graduating from pre school, they lined all the children up a a big stage and called them one by one to the microphone and asked each one what they wanted to be when they grew up…..you guessed it my daughter said a Cowgirl….I was shocked we didn’t live on a farm or have every discussed horses or did she ever talk about a horse………..fast forward 10 years, we are on a farm, I always loved horses and had a pony or two as a young girl, she begins to want to get a horse and we finally purchased our first horse, he was 18 and just what she needed as she was considered green. 47 more words

My Family

Just Do Systema

About 20 years ago, I trained for the first time in Tai Chi. To be honest, I had no interest in it, but it was a requirement for my Oriental Medicine degree. 613 more words



I had 11 people in my PiYo class and some came over after to say how much they liked it including one who has decided to be a regular. 43 more words

Past instructor returns to teach Feature Writing

After working on and off at the Gloria Shields workshop since it began, author and magazine columnist Bobby Hawthorne has returned this year to teach the feature writing class. 629 more words

A Little Briefing :)

Hey everyone,

This is a little something our team created to expand upon the goals of PupilMentor.com! Enjoy!