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Oh ah oh

When it comes to working out, I am a complete a-social person. I don’t particularly like working out with people, in groups, or in gyms where there are many people clambering for the same machines. 315 more words

"The Power of Silence"

Our visions can set the stage for the anatomy of sound: color, texture, and dimension.

The product of the visions may manifest before or after the first note of a warm up. 123 more words


Week 5: NYC Half Marathon Training: Injury Update

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m not sure why I am still labeling my weekly workouts as training because the likelihood of running the NYC Half is getting dimmer and dimmer. 420 more words

Let's Be Honest - Things your instructor wished you did/didn't do.

When it comes to confessions, as a PT and Fitness instructor there are a number of things that participants do or don’t do that can really frustrate us that you may not be aware of…. 731 more words


My Range Confession

Last night (Tuesday) was Ladies Night at a local public indoor range. I managed to talk my husband into going with me. OK, so it wasn’t really hard; I asked if he wanted to go with me, he said sure. 671 more words


Karate And Me - Part 8 - Becoming The Instructor



As 1990 rolled around myself and Darren weren’t left completely on our own in running a karate club, I had just turn 16 and Darren 18, thankfully we had a bit of help from another instructor of a club local to us. 1,753 more words


7 Things You Didn't Know About Being a Fitness Instructor

Okay so I just recently started teaching pilates and I’ve come to understand what really goes into teaching a class and being a good instructor! Here’s what I’ve learned so far… 281 more words