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Tonight I did some more dimpling and deburring in an effort to be ready to rivet on Saturday and Sunday.

I also installed the ELT bracket. 31 more words


Panel Mock-up

Downloaded X-Panel software to do some panel design. The software is pretty decent though I’ve found a few bugs already. The big bummer is that even though you can print out full size technical drawings of your panel it says to not use them for cutting the panel. 89 more words


2016-01  dashboard installation.

After I reinstalled the instrument panel, I had to start figuring out how to attach the dashboard, since this will be upholstered in black (faux) leather soon. 324 more words


Drilling and Deburring and an Instrument Panel

Tonight I match drilled the tail cone and then deburred all the holes. Tomorrow I’ll tackle breaking all the edges on the skins.

I also received my carbon fiber instrument panel by Aerosport Products. It’s really purdy!


2015-12  final test installation of the Side Stick Assemblies.

After working on the attachment points, I quickly reinstalled the side sticks and looked for their alignment. The result looks fantastic.

But there was a problem. 295 more words


2015-11  ELT installation.

One item that I had not acquired yet, was an ELT. At some point, I needed to buy one and install it.

I found one for a nice deal, and it’s one of the newer ones with 406Mhz, and GPS hookup for transmission of your last known position. 307 more words


2015-11 Removal test of the Instrument Panel.

For the start I decided that the instrument panel would have to be removable with the minimal amount of connectors. I did end up putting more Molex plugs in than I hoped for, but I had to test to see if I could remove the whole panel easily, without any connecting wires holding it in place… 122 more words