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We got a new to us car! My kids love it, my husband loves it so its a win all around.

Day 9

See you tomorrow!

Nova Scotia, Canada

Fuel Lines and Cockpit Lighting

Matt helped tremendously at the hanger today, he almost single handedly ran the fuel lines from the right tank to the valves. He also helped install the red/white LED strip for the cockpit lighting. 20 more words


2018-02 Side Stick Wiring connectors.

I made the decision to use Molex connectors for my side stick electrical connections. I could not find a great connector with enough pins to cover my switches and amount of wires. 263 more words


Heat SCAT, Air Box, Nut Plates, AOA Display

Got a lot done recently, catching up on posts.

Also got a very encouraging visit from Jeff Point. The end is near!



Hung the exhaust, located the seat heat control, routed the heat vent control, measured and ordered the prop and throttle cables. I also installed the prop cable bracket and reclocked the governor for the unusual prop cable.

Firewall Forward

Lots of Progress

Cheryl helped me all day on the airplane! We got a lot done. Cheryl sanded down the leading edge of the canopy to prep for the fiberglass fairing. 53 more words

Finishing Kit

Instrument Panel Test Fit

Time 0.5hrs

Jean gave me an instrument panel a few weeks ago since he knows I have to buy the canopy kit :-). I thought I should see how it fit and what concerns there may be with the control sticks and control stick grips. 481 more words