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2015-04 Wiring

in the last week of April’s, I pushed hard to get most of the wiring in the nose section completed. I had an eight day stretch off, and I asked my lovely wife if I could leave the canard on the plane for that timeframe (which meant she couldn’t park in the garage) and I was granted my request. 355 more words


2015-04 USB Powerplugs

For convenience, I installed two USB charging plugs into the airplane. One plug is installed on the RH side Keel, near the passengers feet. The other was installed into the instrument panel on the copilot side, bottom rung. 24 more words



The other half is insisting on a vacation, and who am I to object? So I won’t be back in the Garaggio for a little while. 356 more words

Long Ez


There are a few bits and pieces next.

The instrument gauges are moulded with the markings

but decals are also supplied so these are flattened off, they will be repainted later. 46 more words

Model Making

2015-01 instrument panel removal - final time ?

After playing around with the avionics cables inside the airplane, trying to align them, combine wires into bundles etc. I found that I should finish up the instrument panel. 354 more words


2015-01 GPS antennae installed

Another item on the list was to install the GPS antennae permanently. Both teardrop antennae were mounted on each side of the airplane in front of each pilots, forward of the avionics. 71 more words


2015-01 GDL39R placement change.

After starting some wiring, I figured out that I had to drill a hole through the bulkhead, below the canard. Since I already drilled one for the static hose, I was left with little space. 79 more words