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Plini‘s friends

The Helix Nebula are some of my best friends in music, both their guitarists have done amazing solos for me (jake on ‘heart’ and stephen on ‘away’) and they are all round awesomely talented dudes.

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Javier Reyes stands on his own apart from Animals As Leaders with his side project Mestís (which is awesome) and of course he contributes a lot to AAL. 18 more words

Ben Sharp on his recent touring

Q – You just finished playing your set, I personally enjoyed it, but how did you feel about it?

Ben – It was great, it was a very good crowd. 820 more words

Sounds a little funny, but it’s on their soundcloud! An instrumental from Vildhjarta! 12 more words

Cloudkicker why?!

I wish he had toured earlier. I would have crossed the country to see him, but the ocean…

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