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Stop Motioning At Me

Here’s an intriguing music video. See how far through it you get, definitely worth a listen through even if you don’t fancy watching the whole video. 19 more words


Lost In Thought, Oblivious Of Time

Well this seems a befitting tune for the day considering the current weather that’s floating around down here. If you do nothing else but read the titles of this guys album, you’ll be doing yourself a favour. 84 more words


The Devil's Due- Dec-4th Equipoise- "Birthing Homunculi" album review 7/10 \m/

Today’s Band of the day for our Devil’s Due segment is Equipoise, with their E.P. “Birthing Homunculi” released August 5th 2016 and we couldn’t let this one not make the list. 1,372 more words


Argh Such Pains!

First and foremost let me apologise about that image in the video below. Unfortunately this is the only link I can find for this version, though personally I find that ‘paint’ image very distracting. 156 more words


The Madness! (More So)

I think the less said about this song the better. Tosin Abasi who started the band, plays an 8 string guitar and it’s crazy, go have a squiz at some videos of him playing it. 15 more words


Summer Soundtrack

I’m stoked to have found a contender for summer soundtrack already. And little surprise that it’s the new album by Tycho. I wasn’t especially impressed by the last album… 53 more words


Misleading Artwork

I must say, based on the album cover, I was expecting something quite different to what we get here. I would have pegged heavy metal, or at least some brutal(ish) vocals, and yet here we are with a pretty groovy piece of instrumetal music, akin to… 46 more words