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Slow Off The Mark

So here’s the tune I was supposed to put up yesterday but kinda forgot/got lazy. It’s some nitty gritty Instrumetal which will totally go down a treat for your friday. 62 more words


Following In Footsteps

After my recent┬ápost of the Grails song, this band appeared before me who definitely are rocking a bit of a Grails vibe. So I thought I’d share. 33 more words


Stop Motioning At Me

Here’s an intriguing music video. See how far through it you get, definitely worth a listen through even if you don’t fancy watching the whole video. 19 more words


Lost In Thought, Oblivious Of Time

Well this seems a befitting tune for the day considering the current weather that’s floating around down here. If you do nothing else but read the titles of this guys album, you’ll be doing yourself a favour. 84 more words