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Phobia Incorporated?

Here’s a rather satisfying ditty by a Polish quartet who go by the name of Fobia Inc. Someone new on my radar but I’m suitably satisfied by their new album… 43 more words


Discordant and Melancholic Darkness

Having bumped the mood up over the past couple posts, it’s time to pivot and relieve that cheery pressure with a bit of good ol’ Black Metal. 54 more words


A Running Elephant Theme

I wonder how many weeks I can put up a post with an elephant… there’s a challenge… Here is a relatively epic tune by the band  43 more words


Elephant Guerrero Ancestral Psiquico

I don’t normally use the band name as the title for the post, but in the case of this band, it’s almost a thing of beauty… If anyone has seen Adventure Time, well this is essentially the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant transmuted into crazy prog/jazz/psych/metal music. 9 more words


Sigur Rós on Steroids

I’m plagiarizing someone’s comment on youtube for the title, but it seemed fitting. Apparently it just seems like a day for rehashing artists I’ve already posted before, the last couple days I’ve found myself thrashing this song, pretty much just for the tiny portion of punching beats at 5:37 (and the build up to that). 47 more words


Similar But Not

I’ve mentioned these guys before in passing and having had a couple of their songs pop up on my music shuffling today, I found that sufficient motivation to do a post of one of their songs. 74 more words


Uncharacteristic Rhythmic Structures

Today’s post is a song by the Macedonian musician/band 350teric (a pun on esoteric?). This is an instrumental song which develops a tendency towards the heavier side of things as it goes.  70 more words