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"My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me"

I offer unto you, some straight up industrial rock. No frills. Good on a loud stereo with lots of bass. Or equally good in a small dark box with headphones. 8 more words


Introducing: Heavy Spacehero

Heavy Spacehero is the name of a one man-project started by Finnish Olli S.  So far he has released two EP’s Legacy and Enigma… 192 more words


An Appropriate Finale

Ok, I’ve satisfied my necessary quota of posts for the week, phew! This last one is purely for the giddy joy of posting. And I regret to inform you, will be of no surprise to you. 84 more words


Scale The Summit premier video for "Blue Sun"

Scale The Summit have premiered a video for the song ” Blue Sun” off of their upcoming album ” V”  due out September 18th.

The song is a solid track for these guys, really displaying their blend of prog instrumetal talents. 31 more words


Space Metal

A spot of Instru-Metal rock to get the day going. Their latest album Red Giant came out last year and is well worth a spin. This is the opening track and is a little reminiscent of the now extremely defunct (regretfuly) band… 64 more words



If you were suffering the disbandment of Isis several years back, here’s something to fill that void a little. Bossk also disbanded a while ago but then decided to get back together and crank out some music, and I for one am stoked they did. 59 more words


Tempel the Artisinal Instrumetal Duo release The Moon Lit Our Path @tempelband

Ryan and Rich blow us away  with the release of The Moon Lit Our Path. the album is killer. a few weeks back i had posted about these guys and if you are a fan of instrumental metal, or instrumetal you need to check Tempel out. 138 more words