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PCOS - Could the pill be doing you more harm than good?

In my experience, and the experience of the patients I see, little seems to be known about PCOS  in the mainstream, first contact point health system.  337 more words

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109 year old still healthy?

Here’s some food for thought…

A 109 year old – still active, still healthy, great skin, no obesity…  It’s not just ‘lucky genes’  And I can guarantee there’s no Insulin Resistance in sight!  13 more words

Suffering from PCOS - Could you be deficient in Magnesium?

Suffer from PCOS – Could you be deficient in Magnesium?

“Insulin Resistance, Heart Disease, Depression, PMS, high blood pressure, and preeclampsia, to name only a few, are conditions that have been linked to low levels of Magnesium. 152 more words

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How To Eat What You Want And Not Get Fat?

You’ll probably get tired of me talking about your Insulin levels!  But they are just SO important…

Now, this tip is not to encourage you to think what you put in your body is not important, it is.  71 more words

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PCOS And Insulin Resistance - A Deadly Combination?

PCOS and Insulin Resistance often go hand in hand…  And Insulin Resistance is the forerunner to Diabetes, and increases your risk of Cardiovascular Disease and more… 459 more words

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What Causes You Most Angst About Your PCOS?

I’d love to know what it is that worries you most about your PCOS.

That way I can tailor my book to answer all your questions, and help you turn your health around! 10 more words

How Do I Control My Insulin Resistance?

To control your PCOS you need to control your insulin resistance.

So let me give you some tips to do this!

–  low GI diet… 25 more words

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