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The cost of Type 1 Diabetes.

I recently read on Facebook of a Go Fund Me campaign by a guy who needed to raise money for a month’s worth of insulin. (It has since been deleted from Go Fund Me.) Then, a little farther down in the comments, it was noted that it was too late and he had died because he did not have the insulin he needed. 297 more words

Awareness & Advocacy

Don't sweat over measuring your blood sugar levels anymore

The non-invasive testing of  blood sugar levels have seen much development and breakthroughs in the past decades thanks to much research aiming to reduce diabetics’ dependence on finger-pricking, which is not only wasteful, but also slightly painful. 112 more words




Creating this was only a few years ago, but it feels like a lifetime.

Writing hasn’t been easy.

Being vulnerable with your most intimate thoughts and feelings is hard. 99 more words

Why white flour zaps your energy and makes you feel like crud

I hope you are all enjoying the No White Flour Challenge. Are you feeling more energized? I hope so!

Reflecting on my impetus to do this challenge, I realized that I never really revealed at length exactly… 329 more words


Type 1 101 - Don't ignore the symptoms!

In my opinion, the most important things to know about Type 1 Diabetes are:

  1. the cause is unknown,
  2. it is unpreventable, and
  3. there is no cure (yet!).
  4. 268 more words

How Insulin Sabotages Weight Loss

I wanted to share some thoughts about how insulin sneaks up on us and prevents the weight loss that many of us desire but decided to do more research before I did.   86 more words


The food that you can eat before bedtime.

While you may think that sleep doesn’t have to relate to your weight, then you are wrong. The amount of sleep you take is linked to your body size. 315 more words

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