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As part of my project, I had to complete a pitch to a panel – including my tutor and second marker – as I would have to do in the industry to propose my initial ideas and plans for the project. 721 more words

Maria's Fit Tip | Eating Lower On The Glycemic Index

The key to preventing unwanted weight gain is keeping your insulin levels in check. This is where understanding the glycemic index of the foods you eat comes into play. 54 more words

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Najgore kad ne smeš sve da jedeš, nije to što ne smeš sve da jedeš

Ima neke simbolike u tome što ovo pišem u isto vreme kada sam pre tri godine samoinicijativno odlučila da ukinem slatkiše, nakon celog života davljenja istim, i godinu dana nakon što mi je dijagnostikovana insulinska rezistencija. 511 more words


Where I'm Going

So, you’ve read where I’ve been. I’m dealing with some serious health stuff here. While weight loss is one goal, it’s not my primary focus. Dealing with my diabetes diagnosis is the biggest thing weighing on me (see what I did there?). 399 more words

Weight Loss

Diabetes and High Sugar Levels 

Over the weekend I’ve been suffering with high sugar levels, scientifically known as Hyperglycemia.

  • Stress can be a major factor in high blood sugar.
    • Stress can lead to Anti-Insulin in thier actions: 
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Improve health with Tabata workouts

We all should target 90 minutes of exercise every week.

What happens when life commitments get in the way? Kids, work or emergencies can make us postpone or cancel a workout. 590 more words


Officially starting the project...

Hello and welcome to the official blog for the Radio Documentary ‘Diabulimia: The hidden struggle’.

This blog post is just an initial welcome and discussion of what I have planned for this documentary and the blog alongside it. 212 more words