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KetoTalk Episode #50: Protein & Insulin, Lipedema, Muscle, Dehydration, Phentermine

Tune in for KetoTalk Epsiode #50 on iTunes where it is now available or go to KetoTalk.com on the computer and listen there.  We talk about the insulin response from proteins; What is Lipedema and does a ketogenic diet help?; Muscle burning; Dehydration; and can Phentermine be used with a ketogenic lifestyle?

Ketogenic Lifestyle

Pharmaceutical Products Presentation!

My partner Gina and I created a presentation of DNA technology and pharmaceutical products! We chose this topic because both of our parents have experience at Genentech, a company making great advancements in personalized medicine in oncology! 610 more words



You don’t have to love dogs to appreciate the brilliance of this book on canine obesity, but it helps. It makes it easier to see why Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma really is a riveting read. 112 more words


High carbohydrate intake from starchy foods is positively associated with metabolic disorders: a Cohort Study from a Chinese population


Starchy foods are the main sources of carbohydrates; however, there is limited information on their metabolic impact. Therefore, we assessed the association between carbohydrates from starchy foods (Carb-S) intakes and the metabolic disorders of metabolic syndrome (MetS) and hyperlipidemia. 148 more words


How we ‘fixed’ our diabetic dad – and saved his life

When their father, Geoff, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 50, brothers Ian and Anthony Whitington were not hugely surprised, and for 10 years, they drifted along and watched from the sidelines. 153 more words



As human beings we eat, or should eat, foods from different sources. These foods consists of either carbohydrates, protein and/or fat, and in the three next posts I would like to explore these three nutrients. 423 more words