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Its been awhile since I've done a review

White Willow is a herb originally used in China, Asia, and Egypt? As a medicine for fevers and body aches. Ive recently aquired a job that involves 10 hrs of constant movement. 153 more words

Pregnancy Part One

Pregnancy was easy. I would have (almost) gladly done it for longer than the 38 weeks 1 day that I did. I had relatively no pain. 246 more words


Love and Diabetes

I realize now that I was in a good position for a newly diagnosed diabetic. I already understood nutrition and carbohydrate counting, already ate and exercised like a diabetic should, am immersed in new health related clinical studies at work, and had an extremely supportive fiance (now husband). 432 more words


Day 1 and Beyond as a New Type 1

I woke up in a haze, hoping this was just a nightmare.

Nope! Time for my first Insulin and Diabetes training. I learned that being Type 1, I did nothing to bring this upon myself. 911 more words


My Diagnosis Story

December 2015-January 2016

Five months before my wedding, I started feeling sick. My symptoms were rapid heartrate, dry mouth, and frequent urination. As time progressed, I had a constant headache, nausea, no appetite, extreme weakness, and… 440 more words


A Case of the Shakes

I learned a valuable lesson today: never leave home without your glucometer!

We woke up early this morning and took our boys off to their swimming lessons (after my usual breakfast and pill-taking routine was over), after which we went to the store to do our grocery shopping. 388 more words

My Diabetes Journey

Grab Bag

Security training for working in conflict countries, a ‘Grab Bag’ is a mandatory item. This is your emergency survival bag that accompanies you everywhere.

Having been caught on a few occasions without my meds at the times I should have taken them, and not being able to determine my blood sugar as I didn’t have my meter with me, I decided that I needed to have a ‘Grab Bag’. 125 more words