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Day 3 - life without insulin?

It’s day 3 on my new diet and thought i would just give a quick update. I haven’t taken any fast acting insulin for 2 1/2 days now so this is already amazing! 382 more words


is the insulin response to protein dose dependent?

The observation that protein requires insulin initially appears to conflict with a number of studies and anecdotal evidence that suggest protein does not have a significant effect on blood sugar.  283 more words

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Today is the day!

This is my very first post! Today is an exciting day – I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 13 years ago and have been managing this the way we are all told to – by eating a ‘normal healthy’ diet (i.e lots of carbs) and injecting insulin. 233 more words


how long does it take to digest protein?

One of the limitations of the food insulin index data is that the tests were undertaken over a period of three hours, while protein takes a lot longer to fully digest. 209 more words

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Hormones and your weight (part 1)

Uncovering the biggest misunderstanding between you and your doctor!

Does this sound like you? You put on a few pounds since you’ve turned 40 or 45 (or since menopause), but you really haven’t done anything different to warrant this extra weight gain. 869 more words

Natural Hormone Balancing

It Never Ends

Or so it seems….

Alongside my documented addiction problem I have been dealing/managing with type 1 diabetes, and lately it has started to get on top of me. 369 more words

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Tester Tantrums...

Over the years it has been known that my temper can get out of control at times of stress, it is a lot better than what it was when I was a child / teen, I have put many a hole in doors at home from kicking a door open…thinking about that actually I made a hole in a door last year as an adult from a temper ‘tantrum’ as my wife calls it :) . 531 more words

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