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Beating Insulin Resistance . . .

A condition called insulin resistance is at the heart of many (if not most) of today’s chronic diseases.

This includes type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and others. 75 more words

Health Care

A letter to family, friends and work colleagues

Dear family member, friend, work colleague,

There’s no test at the end of this and you won’t have to think much, so I ask that you give me 2 minutes of your time so I can explain something to you. 741 more words

Type 1 Diabetes

Needles, Reservoirs, Cannulas, and More

The other day I was replacing my insulin pump reservoir. This requires a series of steps that I will reiterate for those who have never had to replace their insulin pump supply (as a side note, manufacturers, physicians, and researchers alike recommend switching this supply every three days although I sometimes stretch mine to four). 1,062 more words


Courtney, Meet Reactive Hypoglycemia

It’s Thanksgiving 2014! I’m preparing to stuff my face with our family’s four generation garlic dressing.  I was happy to be enjoying my family back in the States. 754 more words


Grow or Die

Yesterday was the day.

I woke up early

left with my husband, mom, and brother.

Walked into the doctors office

all vitals were good.

Blood sugar a perfect 100. 487 more words


Using Optogenetics to Battle Type I Diabetes

Researchers from the National Defense Medical College in Japan may be shining a light – literally – on new therapies for patients with diabetes.

Writing in the journal… 536 more words