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Homebrew Pancreas Gets 30 Minutes of Fame

It is pretty unusual to be reading Bloomberg Businessweek and see an article with the main picture featuring a purple PCB (the picture above, in fact). 574 more words


THINK Yourself Thin ... Maybe?

THINK Yourself Thin … Maybe?

Yesterday’s post on the Glycemic Index, the Glycemic Load Index, and the Insulin & Satiety Indices triggered a few questions. I wasn’t suggesting that any particular index was the right way to build a weight-loss diet. 384 more words

Weight Loss

Insulin Resistance

A friend of mine shared this video of an incredible forum that took place at my Alma Mater, Brigham Young University.

Benjamin Bikman, PhD, is a diabetes and obesity scientist, an assistant professor in the Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology at Brigham Young University, and an expert in all things related to insulin resistance. 319 more words

Food For Thought

An Index of Indices

An Index of Indices

From the development of the Glycemic Index, at the University of Toronto, in the early eighties, dieters have been trying to harness the power of indices for weight loss. 664 more words

Health & Weight Loss

“Smart Synthetic gel” provides glucose-responsive insulin delivery in diabetic mice

Main points  

  1.  The technology capitalized on sugars responsiveness to properties of boronic acid.

  2. They created a synthetic polymer gel – based insulin delivery device with a single catheter.

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Carbs everywhere!

So call me crazy, but when I first heard about diabetes I thought it just meant no more eating candy. My first experience with diabetes was in college at Lee University, where I played basketball with an amazing individual, Cheree Knight. 767 more words


Diabetic journey

I’ll admit it, I knew I was diabetic for a long time. I did the routine, I tested “pre-Diabetic” and then eventually tested positive for full blown diabetes. 536 more words