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Do you have a sugar-burning body?

If your response to the thought of an extended water fast is “Oh, no, I could never do a water fast! I need to eat at least every few hours or I get the shakes or feel sick!” 271 more words

Water Fasting

Whey Protein And Blood Sugar

Whey protein ingestion has been shown to reduce feelings of hunger and promote satiety making it a valuable aid in weight loss programs. Whey protein during weight loss has also been shown to preserve lean body mass. 585 more words


How to Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

I just wanted to share some things that I have recently come across that are exponentially decreasing the time it would normally take for me to attain my fitness goals. 1,549 more words


Why I never have to prick my finger ever again !!

So 3 posts ago was a post about something called the freestyle libre. If you haven’t already read it, I would recommend reading that first so you have an idea of what I’m talking about !! 565 more words

It’s Not You, It’s Time: Understanding the Culprits Behind Age-Related Weight Gain

While I haven’t hit middle-age yet, I can speak from experience about how weight management has changed over my lifespan thus far. Weight management was certainly a different story in my early 20s, along with my teenage years.   735 more words


Diet and Alzheimer's: Carbs

Grade: mixed

Carbohydrates come in simple and complex form.  Complex carbs are generally ok (e.g. most vegetables).  Simple carbs (e.g. white rice, corn chips, pretzels) are quickly converted into… 22 more words


Diet and Alzheimer's: Sugar

Grade: F

Sugar should be avoided in the diet, especially added sugar.  Sugar has 61 different names when listed as a food ingredient.  For the complete list of names and a host of interesting facts about sugar visit… 48 more words